I actually don’t have the habit of making new year resolutions because I know I don’t keep them and when I don’t keep them, it actually made me felt that I have not achieved my goals. And boy, it is not a great feeling. However, people kept asking me what is my new year resolutions year after year and I devised my own new year resolutions in a general way that I can achieve during work without breaking a sweat.

Most people have personal new year resolutions, but I found out that evolving the personal resolutions that ties in with my work a lot easier and more productive too, to upkeep them. I have listed out some of my 2015 resolutions that I managed to achieve.

file2361294259955Instead of Spending more time with loved ones
I Change it to
Spending less time at work

By spending less time at work, I could manage my time effectively and allocate time not only to spend with my loved ones but to spend on myself as well. And it is never about the quantity of time but the quality of it and how you spend it with your loved ones. I would have hate it if you managed to get off work on time but end up on your Facebook all the time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.28.27 amInstead of Being productive
I Change it to
Learn to Prioritize my work

Learning to which task at work to prioritize allow me to feel a greater satisfaction when I am able to reach my deadlines in time and also allow me to fulfill my first resolution easily.

running-573762_640Instead of Staying Healthy
I Change it to 
Setting aside time for gym at work

As work becomes hectic, no one has the time or the mood to hit the gym after work. You likely to be brain dead and snoring away on the yoga mat. So why not take a 10mins walk around the office building or a 15mins in company’s gym? Or simply a walk up using the fire stairs after lunch instead of squeezing in the elevator.

money-692887__180Instead of Saving every penny
I Change it to
Clock in more paid hours

Especially nearing the holiday seasons, employers are willing to pay extra (either in leave or money) to entice employees to volunteer to work extra hours or on weekends. Take this opportunity to cash in extra cash for yourself. Just remember not to overwork yourself.

salad-652503_960_720Instead of Eating Healthily 
I Change it to 
Having salad during office lunch

There is usually no time for a big hearty meal like a steak during working hours so why not take away a bowl of salad for lunch or opt in for sushi? You’ll see your weight coming down pretty soon enough. Heavy meals are usually a trap for you to nod off to dreamland during meetings.

AgreementInstead of Aiming for that Promotion
I Change it to
Developing myself to fit that Promotion

Why has your boss to tell you that you are not good enough when instead you make sure you ARE absolutely great for that role? The key to it is not to wait for the chance to come around, create the chance to be presented to you.

So have you made at least one work resolution for the new year? Please do come and share with us what’s yours at the comments. For more updates, you can find me at Twitter MiddleMe_net or FaceBook MiddleMe.net.


74 replies on “6 New Year’s Work Resolutions

  1. I’m glad you’ve found a way for resolutions to work for you! I too struggle with resolutions seeming like such a daunting task I always fail. I found a way that works for me though – to think of one small change that affects alot of areas I’m wanting to grow in. For instance, this past year was cutting things out of my schedule and saying no more.

    This coming year my goal is to schedule everything – including my hobbies and free-time. My problem has been that I never have time to achieve my dreams because I wait for “free time” to do it, but then my schedule is always full. So I’m scheduling time for writing and free-time in my calendar, just like any other appointment. I think this will bring about alot of great change, but still seems like a feasable goal.

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    1. Your goal sounds realistic and the benefits that you reap in are huge if you stick to saying no and cutting out stuff that takes up to much of your time. It’s a very good resolution and I know you’ll keep on to it! Happy New Year!

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  2. Hi Kally. Thanks for visiting my place 🙂 This is a great post – I love this idea of re-wording… one of my workplace resolutions is going to be – ‘try not to take sides’. Wishing you peace, health and happiness for 2016 🙂

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      1. How do I love the New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t know. I just like the goals, the way they’re outlined, the positive message that they’re sent? I hope that answers your question, I’m a little confused sorry! 🙂

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  3. Great perspectives, Kally!!! I really liked the way you rephrased and restated. I don’t set New Year resolutions either, yet this year, I am making changes, both here at WP and in my personal life. Change at first is uncomfortable, so the more you do the new, the more that new becomes comfy, just like a pair of sneaks that at first may feel odd, then as your feet adjust, feel glorious!! Great post!!! ❤

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      1. Monthly resolution helps me to start one at a time and take it steady. I need to be consistent, if I am able to do it for 30 days then I don’t have to worry about counting days or breaking the resolution further. I am able to do it so far and I am successful 🙂

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  4. I love your approach to new year’s resolutions. The first 2 are greatly stated–they are my goals too. I don’t like the idea of having new year’s resolutions, like you mentioned. I tend to have goals at a certain point in time that I set out to achieve, and I don’t set deadlines for them–I just work at them one step at a time until they are achieved 🙂

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  5. Dear Kally, these are wonderfully done resolutions. I like that you tailored them to your own way of thinking. Often it’s all about semantics. I have just one important thing for you to add to all your hard work — You are DESERVING of all the good things you are working hard to achieve. Mega hugs! 🙂

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  6. Instead of Aiming for that Promotion
    I Change it to
    Developing myself to fit that Promotion

    A very humble and excellent path to promotion!

    All of your ideas are worthy of a reblog so you can add me to your fan renboggers!

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