How to Win Your New Colleagues Over in Your New Job?

If you just got hired to a new job, moved to a new branch or starting your own business, it can be overwhelming to take in everything all at once. Adding to your problem is getting along with your new coworkers and earning their trust and support. Getting them to be your friend is very important because work is never easy and not everything involving it can be done alone.

So, if you stuck in the middle trying to figure out how you can befriend your new colleagues, here are some ways you can do to win them over:


No. 1 – Always take the initiative and introduce yourself

During your first day at work, it is bound to be scary since you do not know anyone. However, take the first step and introduce yourself even if your co-workers aren’t approaching you. They will appreciate your effort and break the ice quite easily.

Personal Tip: Best to start with those sitting around you. It is easier to start a conversation with “Hi, I’m new. May I know where’s the best place to have lunch here?” Food is usually one of the best topics to start a conversation.


No. 2 – Listen to them when they are talking

Do not be afraid to ask questions and listen attentively to your co-worker. Although it is very easy to talk about ourselves since no one knows you, your new co-workers should also have the chance to speak up too.

Personal Tip: When meeting new people, don’t go on gushing about yourself. For every single thing you talk about yourself, allow your co-worker to share 2 other things.


No. 3 – Do not annoy busy people

If your colleague is talking to someone or doing something, do not interrupt. Let them finish what they are doing before introducing yourself to them.

Personal Tip: Don’t ambush anyone. Ease into an easy conversation instead.


No. 4 – Ask if they like to have lunch together or coffee

A good way to lighten up the tensions between new co-workers is by asking if they would like to have a bite out for lunch or have coffee. If they do not say yes immediately, don’t be disheartened. There will be other times where you will be able to bond with them.

Personal Tip: The right time to grab them for lunch is when you exit from a meeting just before lunchtime. “Wanna grab a bite together so I can hear more about your new idea” is a proven sure-fire way to get them interested in eating with you.


No. 5 – Do not turn down invitations for group chats or get-togethers

In connection to the previous number, whenever your colleagues invite you out for a chat or get-together, do not turn them down as much as possible.

Personal Tip: If you need to turn down any get-together, give a valid reason and provide another date for next get-together.


No. 6 – Show your commitment

Do not be afraid to help out when you know you can and exceeding to everyone’s expectations. Just do not be a martyr and take everything for the team. If they see your commitment to the job, they will open up to you and trust you.

Personal Tip: Be helpful but don’t hover around otherwise you may seem to others that you don’t have much to do under your responsibility.


No. 7 – Offer your help, but don’t be a know-it-all

When key projects are assigned to your team, volunteer to help out even if you are not assigned to it. Just make sure you do not act like a know-it-all when you are helping out because that is a big turn-off for your co-workers.

Personal Tip: But don’t stay in the background if you have a good idea. Just don’t push your idea upon others.


No. 8 – Be accessible

Since you are in a new place, your temptation to go around is understandable. However, do not leave your desk for several hours at a time. Be available in case your workers need you.

Personal Tip: Concentrate on mastering your new job is important so let your work speak volumes about you. You don’t need to meet everyone in the company within a timeframe. When you are superb in what you do, people will know about you.


No. 9 – Do not complain

Since it is your first day on the job, you will definitely feel the pressure of doing well even if no one is expecting you to flourish immediately.

If you are indeed feeling the pressure, stay positive and do not immediately agree if they voice out such opinions. Be polite and say you still haven’t seen everything yet.

Personal Tip: Instead turn the situation around by asking for help. Be humble and your co-workers will always be happy to help a newcomer.

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No. 10 – Get to know more about your workers.

Finally, if you want to befriend and win your colleagues over, you should learn about the roles they play for the company and learn more about them. This will not just help you know as to who you should talk to if you have any problem, you will also be able to show that you want to know more about them.

Personal Tip: If you have a company directory, it helps to check out their position or at least their department so that you will already have a common topic to broach across.


Friendships take time to develop so you should take your time to earn your colleagues’ trust by showing them you can be trusted. By doing these steps, you will be able to help yourself get used to the work environment and know a thing or two about your co-workers.

Stay positive because with a little patience and effort, everything will work out well!

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  1. Another great set of tips, Kally. I always look forward to your posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Thanks so much, Emile!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BeingAlive says:

    A very useful note👍🏻…thanks for sharing 😊


  3. robgradens says:

    I was coached, while I worked a day job, to be friendly with my coworkers, but not to make them personal friends. But I agree that not becoming friends is difficult. These are people you spend most of your time with. It would seem an awful waste of that time to be indifferent to each other.


  4. Do not try to prove your greatness , as that ought to become evident on it’s own merits.

    TRUE greatness is clothed in humility and wrapped in a sincere welcoming spirit.

    A smile is a gift that cost nothing but always pays dividends.

    Thanks Kally,

    God Bless,


  5. There is some valuable information here. One needs to learn the many avenues that will facilitate your premise. Experience will, at times be of little or no value, when trying to develop relationships. The secret is to allow others to be intrigued with how you fit into your position. Keep “Need to Know” as the guide. Most of the time in a new position, you have no knowledge of whom you will be replacing. That can become ugly.


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