I acknowledge that this period can be very trying and everyone is trying to keep their head above water. When working as a team, you may notice that your productivity may be affected by the team’s morale and motivation. This is a prevalent occurrence and is instigated by various reasons.

Fortunately, these six great tips should aid you to  motivate your colleagues and prevent low productivity:

Be a Good Model

A great way to inspire your coworkers is by becoming a good model to them. Be positive as you tackle your tasks and do your best to finish them within the stipulated time. Your colleagues will take note of it and do the same thing, more so because they too want the praises you receive for your effort.

Ask Others About Their Ideas and Input

Some workers are not very motivated because they believe that their input isn’t important. Don’t be afraid to ask about their ideas and input during decision-making or when working on the project to get them motivated. Let each person give their opinions, and as you listen, it will show them that you value their opinions. This will provide them with the positive energy they need to work hard.

Give Them Some Space

If you tend to focus on people when they are working, it may contribute to their lack of motivation. When you give out the tasks to your teammates, let them finish independently and not hover around. Hovering over them only shows that you don’t trust them to do a good job, hence affecting their motivation in the process.

Stay Open-minded

Every person is different, and this is evident in work ethics. Please keep an open mind when cheering up your teammates because our sources of motivation and happiness vary. Don’t hesitate to involve them in conversations to see how you can help them. Eventually, they will open up.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Expressing your gratitude to colleagues when you ask them for advice or their ideas is another great way to motivate them. By thanking them, you are showing how much you value them and their contributions. They will become inspired to keep doing their best and encourage others to do the same thing.

Offer Words of Encouragement

If your team cannot meet the targets or something goes wrong, don’t criticize your teammates. Provide constructive criticism and encourage your teammates. Let them know that it is okay to fail as long as they learn from it and be better in the future. If they are downcast, encourage them. Some may need a little extra push to be motivated and inspired to do their best.

Motivating your colleagues is not an easy task due to the various personalities. But, taking the initiative to do so can help if done correctly. Try these tips and see a difference in your colleagues’ productivity.

Let’s all be a good coworker to each other. Do you agree?

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24 replies on “How to Motivate Your Colleagues

  1. I am the unmotivated colleague right now and space has definitely been the thing I craved the most. The ocasional check ins also help me see that it’s space not just neglect 😅

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  2. Thats so true, motivation forces a better mood for work. Thank you, Kally! Great tips, again! I hope you are staying well, and enjoy a better weather like here (around 3 degrees (C) dayover, and during night around minus 4 degrees (C). Lol. Its Bavarian Siberia. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Wow! I would prefer your clima, Kally! Lol But here is going on getting warmer the next days. Now we had around six month of this moody weather. Its definitely here what its called “Bavarian Siberia”. 😉


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