Every day you see the same faces and greet the usual people since you probably work in the same team or at least the same department. You may have overlooked your colleagues and never knew them entirely as you do your job, day by day.  Maybe if you look hard enough, ask the right questions, and take an interest in your coworkers, you can discover the hidden talents buried in your workplace and find a gem that you have been searching for.

Awhile back, I have written about my superpowers, and many of you have contributed and shared your superpowers as well. What am I talking about? Every one of us has a hidden superpower that is not revealed in our jobs since usually it is not even related to the roles and tasks that we do. It may be considered as a hobby to some while others see it as a passion on the side. Many people are still not aware of their hidden superpowers, and these are yet to be discovered.

Here are some hidden talents in your office that may be popular with everyone, including you!

#1 The Baker

The lovely smell wafted in before you even see who brought those goodies. You thank your lucky stars that you have a talented baker in your office. Nobody can stay angry at the baker for the careless mistakes, well at least not when this person is waving those mouth-watering brownies made with grandmother’s traditional recipe. The only thing you will hate about the baker is your expanding waistline.

#2 The Fix-It-All

Or the Mr. Go-To Person to fix something. Whether your internet browser hanged or the photocopier machine jammed for the 5th time today, this colleague of yours can fix anything and everything. This person is like the IT + janitor + handyman all roll into one. Wouldn’t you love to snatch him and bring him home to fix everything up?

Another version of a Fix-It-All is the person who knows how the entire company functions, perhaps even more than the CEO himself. This person is usually known as a fixer and goes around solving problems in every department. Even managers flock to him for advice when they are at their wit’s end. I am fortunate to have met someone like that, and he is like no other. I have never seen someone solved problems with a simple call or a simple solution within minutes.

#3 The Technical Helpdesk

Like Mr. Fix-It-All, this special hero fixes things except he has magic fingers that can program your laptop to automate your job. This person can effectively use Excel sheets to produce annual reports with huge data, beautiful illustrating charts, and interactive columns within a few hours. He or she can quickly brush their fingers against the photocopier to copy, collate, and staple papers into packs of hundreds.

#4 The Customer Whisperer

Had a nasty client screamed at you over the phone? How about a walk-in customer that just insulted a frontliner until she cried?

No matter how disastrous the problem is or how rude and entitled the client is, there is a colleague that is a customer whispering hero. This person can smooth things out, put water on the fire, and even make the customer laugh again. The best ones I have seen are those colleagues who can make angry customers open up their wallets and purchase for the second time.

#5 The Boss Whisperer

Same as Customer Whisperer except that this person is a Boss Whisperer. Not to be confused with those “kiss arse” pompous colleagues because this hero is a do-gooder. He plants good ideas into the boss’s head to make the work process a lot more efficient. He is the one who braves the wrath of the boss as he leads and charges into the boss’s office on a bad day to deliver bad news.

#6 The Walking Encyclopaedia

This person knows everything and anything under the sun. Ask a question, and you will be quoted with figures, historical details, and sources where the information came from. He or she is one useful resource to have around when working on a project that you do not even need to Google anything anymore.

Not only that, the walking encyclopaedia knows the entire history of the company, the who is who and the what is what. This person remembers all the company events and dates, especially those memorable events like when Jeffrey was down with food poisoning from the party caterer or when Simone won the first prize in the company dinner lucky draw.

#7 The Super Typist

You all know that someone who types super fast in the office. This person can beat you in typing even blindfolded and only typing with one hand.

The typist is such a dear that they often offer to take down meeting notes every time because they can finish typing about the entire meeting before anyone leaves the room.

#8 The Expert Organiser

This person can gather everyone around and organise a party, book a venue, get a caterer, and even put up the decorations within hours on the same day.

As an expert organiser, the team’s favourite restaurants are already on speed dial. You can count on this colleague to have all the necessary contacts from party clowns to travel agents and quickly arrange a party or a vacation of your fancy.

#9 The Ra-Ra Person

Are the margins going down? Is the retrenchment exercise ongoing? Trust that one person in the office to inspire others to see the positive side of things.

For a ra-ra person, nothing gets them easily down. This person will make you feel bright, perky and ready to face a battle for another day. Like the sunshine, a ra-ra person goes around the office beaming with goodness and sharing her positive rays.


Do you know someone with such talent in your workplace? Or can you relate to the hidden talents mentioned above? Look around and observe your team! You may have missed out some amazing coworkers that could have helped you fulfil something great at work. Be curious and help them unleash their hidden talents!

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40 replies on “9 Hidden Talents in the Office

  1. I love organizers at work, particularly because I am not good at it. Haha! During the briefest moment I attended an office, I was the baker. It was nice to share cookies and cakes to my colleagues. A small thing to make them smile.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahah no one can get angry with a super baker indeed! I think I fall into the ra ra category or the super typer. There is absolutely nothing else about me that screams “I can fix everything” or “I know it all”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We have that too, we ask one colleague for help on a certain software, and he is also the total sunshine and the best fun person in the office. We need to have a laugh. I am known as I know everything inside out in the organisation and the most organised and reliable person, hence people come to me, and it all works out. We all have our strength.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kally, dear friend,

    I Am “officially” (unofficially) nominating this POST as one of your 10 BEST-ever!

    Is there anyone else who agrees with me?

    God Bless you; Job WELL-Done (good and faithful servant)

    Thank you, and God BLESS you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You covered a lot of qualities there … think I might be the ra-ra person 🙂

    I notice most of these are referred to in the male gender, in my experience it was more likely the women that filled most of these roles 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Great list, Kally! Clever, hilarious, and oh-so-true!

    As you might guess, I fancy myself the Baker. Of course, COVID has cleared the office and thus, has prevented anyone from bringing in treats for some time now. As you suggest, frosting glosses over many problems. Unfortunately, without that bribe, my errors shout out for all to hear.

    Just you wait, mistakes. Once the plague lifts, I’m running up the score. It’ll be Desserts – 576, Errors – 0.

    I also am sort of like #7, except I’m the Super-AWFUL Typist. Most of the time, I’d be further ahead just putting my palm on the keyboard and pressing down.



    You realize, of course, I had to start typing this response sometime back in 1991.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! What a great comment from you, dearie. If I am living in the same country as you are, I would have demanded you to bake me something to prove that you can bake! Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ah, I recognize a few of these in my coworkers! It’s always good to know the strengths that don’t necessarily make it onto people’s resumes. Two people with the same job and qualifications may fit into a team quite differently based on those hidden talents!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I used to have a pair of twin sisters in my team that came from the same school with the same degree. Oh boy, they do work so differently. One is careless but creative while the other is meticulous but selfish.

      Liked by 1 person

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