21 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 5 January

  1. Once , forever , and for all ,
    We just have a call ,
    To play a divinely led role ,
    Whether big or small , short or tall ,
    To change and reset the matrix ,
    To flow with life and through it scroll,
    Speak to the universe as one in all ,
    ( All are inter-connected with divine love )
    So it can listen when you call ,
    As one group complete and whole ,
    We are all one and one is all ,
    A good ripple effect we recall …

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  2. Another bit of Kally WISDOM shared! Thank you.

    If You want to be happy, if you want to be successful; if you desire to be a leader;
    Then unzip your passion, and share it with the world.

    For in Passion is found truth; in truth is found love; in love fulfillment. To make it Perfect
    Make God an important of your life.

    And then you WILL have everything!

    God Be with you,

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