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Once again, we have to deal with the New Year hangover. I don’t mean the hangover that follows after a mad binge drinking of alcohol from partying all night, but rather the dreaded feeling of going back to the same old job in the same old office and doing the same things over again. The headaches, endless fatigue, rumbling tummy, blurry eyes,  wishing it was Christmas season all over again and hoping that your bed will swallow you whole… you get the idea.

If you managed to grab your mobile phone and read this article while debating with your inner conscience whether to call in sick or not, here are some things that you can do to motivate yourself to go to work in 2021:

It’s Not Completely Back To Office Yet

With the vaccines still slowly making its way to us, 2021 will yet be another year working from home most of the time. So without the morning commute, the journey is only from your bed to your desk, which is a mere few steps away. The best part is that you can sneak a half an hour nap without your colleagues noticing, and you can even stop by the kitchen for unlimited coffee breaks. 

Wear That Glitzy Dress

Hey, you know that party dress that you bought for the New Year countdown party? You can wear it while working from home! If you’re a little conscious with the length of your skirt, don’t worry because nobody will bother you with that. You can comfortably wear it as they can only see the top half of you. And if your neckline is too flashy, wrap around a shawl when you need to do a video conference and ta-dah! What a way to stretch the value of that $100 dress!

Look Forward in Sharing Holiday Horror Stories

Got drunk and puked your guts out? Wish you could have transported yourself somewhere else during Uncle Bob’s boring Christmas dinner? Or perhaps you gave Aunt Bertie the lingerie present that was meant for your best friend? Whatever it is, everyone’s got a horror or cringeworthy story to share. You can also use this time to bond with your colleagues and catch up with them.

Take A Break From Family

After being mushed together under one roof, especially while working from home, an escape to the office doesn’t sound that bad any more. Most of my friends usually do this when life at home gets too much. They take a breather, replenish their energy, and return to their near-empty workplace to enjoy the silence, peace, and space.

Be Grateful For Your Income

We shall not forget that many have lost their jobs during this difficult time. So having a work that provides a stable income is something we should always be grateful for.

If you are looking for satisfaction to fill a void in your life, it is worth considering other enriching activities such as volunteering, freelancing, or even taking up free online courses in your spare time.

Look on The Bright Side of Life

Besides having a stable job and good health, we can always find things to improve in our life, and this is especially true with our work. Whether it is eliminating time-consuming workflows and non-value added tasks or looking for ways to simplify work processes, you can always do so much more in the upcoming year.


Starting 2021 right will need a little motivation and effort. These are some of the things you can do to get yourself back to work again and I hope that these 6 ways will at least push you off the bed and make it more enthusiastic working in your desk even if you’re still dressed in pyjamas. Have an awesome day at work!

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31 replies on “Dealing with New Year Hangovers: I Don’t Want to Go Back to Work

  1. A very timely and motivational post, Kally. Today, is officially my first day back at work – but no glitzy dress for me – lol. So, I have already made it through my first work day morning for 2021. Next stop is lunch at the work cafe (our kitchen) and a potter around the garden to make sure the hot easterly wind has not done too much damage this morning.

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  2. I’ve worked remotely for year’s, so they return to the office doesn’t phase me. However, I’ve been in and out of the hospital since September and I’ve been on disability since November. I’m plant to take as much time as I can get to try and recover.

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  3. A little bit of timely motivation to begin the new year. All this while with online classes it was easy to get up when the class began. Now with an offline internship coming up in a week’s time, it will require a little mental effort to get the body moving.

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      1. Wouldn’t mind that little incentive for motivation 😛

        The online classes have made it easier to be a little more lazy. The only challenge to tackle before my internship is to wake up early.

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  4. My first day back, and on my birthday too. But I didn’t mind. Due to contracts finishing in previous roles, this is the first time since 2017 that I’ve had a job at the start of the year.
    I’m really glad to break the pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

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