Dealing with New Year Hangovers: I Don’t Want to Go Back to Work

Hello peeps! Once again, we have to deal with the New Year hangover. I don’t mean the hangover that follows after a mad binge drinking of alcohol from partying all night, but rather the dreaded feeling of going back to the same old job in the same old office and doing the same things over…

Whisper: I Was Jealous Of My Best Friend’s Career

*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous I wasn’t a nice person when I was much younger. Now in my thirties, I have learned a lot from selfish mistakes I have made in the past. Some mistakes that turned into deep regrets that I can never erase from my ledger.

How To Accept Praises At Work Graciously

Many people get uncomfortable when getting praises. Definitely, they like it but are concerned about being dismissive or saying something stupid and not responding thus coming off as offensive.