If Garfield has magic powers, I’m pretty sure he will make Monday’s disappear and of course, a mountain of endless lasagne he can eat. There are some Mondays that you’ll look forward waking up to and there are Mondays that you just want your bed to swallow you in whole. Even when I’m in a job I love, there are Mondays I wish it was Fridays. So these are the things I will do to motivate myself to hop (if not, at least crawl) out of my cosy bed.


Happy Songs

I don’t know about you but music can always make or break my mood. Well, ask the well-renowned composer, Hans Zimmer. He has composed music for more than 150 movies since 1980. The right tune for the right moment will create the right mood. So go for happy songs the moment you hit the showers, dance or sing or both to your delight and I guarantee you that Mondays don’t seem that bleak anymore.


Cheerful Outfit

Ladies will understand this. The right outfit will lift up the corners of your lips and your gloomy mood as well. It pays to have your favourite outfit ready and hanging out on Sunday night. Gentlemen, we have something for you too. A tie, a belt even a new shirt can work wonders too, so don’t shy away from being creative with your wardrobe.


Photo of Your Kid

Or your family. Even your cats or dogs. To remind yourself that you are working your ass off for them and they are always there to support you. When I was working in Shanghai away from home, I always remind myself that I’m working for my family until the next trip home. Even as a freelancer, I always wake up to the notion of my cats curling up next to my keyboard and that always make me smile.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.51.35 AM

Frame up picture of Your Car

I’m kidding! But what I am not kidding is that you can put up pictures of your next reward. Think of it as a goal for your next achievement. Whether it is a new vroom vroom car or a head-to-toe spa treat or even a beach weekend at the Caribbeans, there are always something for someone to work towards. Suddenly, your Mondays become much more meaningful.


Lunch Treat

Have mini goals during the day to look forward to. I used to have Mondays lunch with my bestie at work so I can hear all about her wild weekends and she can hear about my crazy movie marathons. I truly enjoy the one hour break so much that our Monday luncheon became a mini treat to look forward to on Mondays.


Foot rubs

Or DIY face mask. Or rose petal bath. Or like Scandal, a glass of a really good red wine. Something I do after a particularly bad day at work and occasionally on Monday evenings after work. Some people hit the beers or the dance floor on Friday. I rather have my foot salt bath on Mondays. A significant gesture to mark my Monday survival!

There you have it: my secrets to having a wonderful Monday. It is not hard to have mind over matter. It is just the matter of adding little sparks in your life to chase the blues away and to distract that evil inviting pillow of yours!

Share with us if you have a special method that you use to battle the Monday gloom at the comments below!

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28 replies on “Things to Do to Get You Out of Your Bed on Monday Mornings

  1. Great tips for a Monday! funny enough the picture of your car photo here is from my hometown according to the registration. I am going ‘home’ this week, it gave me a smile and happiness this Monday morning.

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  2. Haha I enjoyed this because I normally don’t suffer from Monday moods … but today I’ve been dragging along in a fug. So reading your post I realised it’s not me, it’s Monday. I’m normal πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m going for a walk and might treat myself to teatime pastries and/or maybe read a good book instead of doing the translations I’m supposed to be doing πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is another day!

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    1. Teatime pastries will always perk me up!! Include a good company and it will make my week! Yes, Bea, you are normal to feel this way every now and then. It’s like our bodies or our mind is shouting to us “you need a break!”. Big hugs! I hope the gloom has passed.

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