Here’s a fun article that I have been wanting to do. As my little one grows up, her personality (or what I like to call her true colours) starts to show when she is in different social settings. Can’t keep the career counsellor in me as my keen eyes make sharp but amusing observation about her. If you are having a bad day at work, I hope this will cheer you up or at least bring a smile to your face.


Selectively Beams At Important People

She knows who are important in her life and she is not afraid to show it. She is one of the most popular babies at her paediatrician’s. She’ll beam her toothless grin at the nurses so they will coo after her and worm her way with her paediatrician so he’ll spend more time with her, even just to play with her. She does it with the restaurant’s wait staff so they will make funny faces to make her laugh while I quickly gobbled down my food.

Sales Tip: Always carry on a ready smile when you are out in the sales field. You may never know who you’ll meet and what business he will bestow.

Get Her Way Around Her Slaves

Of course, the important people in her life include me however, I have another role to play as well. I’m the disciplinarian. She will pout, whine even fake her cries to melt her grandparents’ hearts so they will give in to her demands. Oh yes, she might only be 10 months old, she has her diva demands like going for walks, playing with toys and of course, carrying her around like a queen. Even her tactics get to me sometimes…just once in a while. Too cute to resist.

Sales Tip: You need to bat your eyelashes at your internal organization (order processing, customer service etc). They are the ones pulling their weight to make sure you fulfil your promise to your customers.

Can’t Resist Her Big Eyed Pout

Talking about too cute to resist. She knows how to do her best impression of Puss-In-Boots (probably learned from one of my cats). Her eyes will widen and she will give the most irresistible pout (sometimes grin) to soften you up so you will be palatable to her demands later.

Sales Tip: Your enthusiasm and passion about your products are one of the best tools to infect your clients to buy from you.

No Words More Actions

My little diva can call me Mommy but refuse to. Instead, she loves to crawl to wherever I am and pull herself up by grabbing my legs or hurling herself towards me if I’m sitting on the floor. Same goes for some of the words she knew but refuse to use them, instead use hand signals to indicate she wants food or she wants a diaper change. The best of all, she will hold onto my shirt to pull herself up when I’m sitting down, to give me a big hug or a wet kiss. While I really love to hear her call me Mommy, I truly cherish her hug or kiss.

Sales Tip: Actions speak a lot louder than words so instead of moving your mouth’s muscles, consider taking real actions.

Relentlessly Pursue Her Goal

My little diva loves it when my cat plays catch with her. He will lure her by going near her but slightly out of reach so he can catch her attention. She will crawl and shriek, trying to grab his tail and he will move slightly away from her each time. He is too nimble for her and both of them will play around the house. Entertains her til no end.

Sales Tip: Pursue your goal relentlessly. Don’t give up especially when it is just within your reach.

The more she grew up, the more I can see myself in her. She’s not shy around strangers, she allows anyone to carry her, she knows clearly what she wants and what she disliked. Totally embracing the independent and confident streak in her.

Hopefully, you had fun reading this article as much as I had fun writing it!

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38 replies on “My Little Diva Is On Her Way To Become The Best Sales Person

  1. Kally!!! Oh, I love this post!! If I could give it 10 likes/stars, I would! You are so creative and insightful, capturing her most endearing qualities and showing their practical use in sales. Awesome! She is sooo cute! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yes, I totally can vision her dad scanning all her potential suitors and yelling at her to change into something decent before going out. I’m going to leave teenagehood to my husband. Hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

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