8 Job Benefits Parents Should Ask From Employers

Giving birth recently got me thinking about this topic. As a working parent, it is no longer enough to have a paying salary, especially now that times are uncertain. The onset of the pandemic has made many realise that they should get benefits to protect their family’s well-being, and companies should deliver these benefits as…

For All The What Ifs In The World

What if Snow White did not take a bite out of the poison apple? What if Cinderella did not go to the ball? What if Sleeping Beauty turns out to be a boy instead? There are plenty of crossroads in our lives. Many decisions made impacted our lives in more ways than one.

Don’t Forget Freelancing Is About You

There are plenty of reasons why someone would choose to freelance instead of doing the traditional job route – you know, the 9-to-6, Monday to Friday jobs.

Where Have All The Smiles Gone?

As you know I’ve been flying in and out of Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, I’m one of the fortunate ones who get to benefit from the new Changi Airport Terminal 4 to the extent of more than once a month.

My Little Diva Is On Her Way To Become The Best Sales Person

Here’s a fun article that I have been wanting to do. As my little one grows up, her personality (or what I like to call her true colours) starts to show when she is in different social settings. Can’t keep the career counsellor in me as my keen eyes make sharp but amusing observation about…

Guest Post: My Experiences as an Au Pair

One of the pushing factors that kept me going on publishing useful articles in MiddleMe is that I get to be in the midst of the many talented writers in the blogosphere. Many of these talented writers have a story to tell. My friend aka fellow writer, Annette Rochelle Aben shared a heartfelt experience with us…

A Word Of Advice: Juggling Career and Baby

Hello Kally, Like yourself, I’m a new mother. In the US, the maternity package isn’t that awesome as other countries. I worked as a typist in a homegrown company and while their benefits ain’t that great, they made it up by paying our salary slightly better than the market rates. That being said, I have…