8 Job Benefits Parents Should Ask From Employers

Giving birth recently got me thinking about this topic. As a working parent, it is no longer enough to have a paying salary, especially now that times are uncertain. The onset of the pandemic has made many realise that they should get benefits to protect their family’s well-being, and companies should deliver these benefits as an incentive for continued good work and service.

But, what exactly should you ask your employers as an incentive they can give you? Here are 8 job benefits working parents should request from their employers:

Flexible Work Hours And Remote Work

Even before the onset of the pandemic, working parents are after flexible work hours because it allows them to have time for their families. You can negotiate with your boss regarding your preferred work schedule and even recommend that you are ok to do remote work.

Many companies and businesses are now in favour of offering a flexible work schedule or remote work benefit for all their employees since the pandemic showed how difficult it is to keep businesses afloat during lockdowns and restrictions.

This will help parents big time when their children are down from flu or measles. Flexible work hours will allow parents to plan their work around their children’s schedules like exams or recitals even the occasional baseball play offs.

Time Off

It can get too stressful dealing with both parenting and tasks in the office without taking a break as a parent. If you don’t give yourself a break, you have a high risk of burnout and a lower productivity rate.

Ask your employer if you can use a time-off scheme to help you recharge your batteries or opportunities where you can unwind. Some companies have charity events and wellness days to help their employees get a short time off after a big project or event.

Paid Parental Leave

You can never tell when something will happen to your family that will require you to take a short break from work. It could be due to your spouse giving birth, medical emergencies, natural disasters and other similar problems.

You should be able to request paid parental leave to provide you with time to handle the situation and, at the same time, not have to worry about the money you will use to pay the bills while on leave.

Infertility And Adoption Assistance

For couples trying to be parents, having a company that can help with adoption and fertility treatments can help.

Check if your employer offers a comprehensive health plan and see what options are available for fertility payments, as well as adoption assistance.

On one hand, I am not so sure about this because fertility is still a very much personal issue and the decision to freeze one’s eggs can be an emotional one. I don’t see many companies will jump on the bandwagon to offer this as a health benefit.

Family Health Insurance

As a parent, you need to find ways to save up on health care to protect the entire family. When checking your benefits as an employee, you should see family health insurance as one of your benefits.

Most employers nowadays offer health insurance by paying part of the premium monthly or paying in full. They may also be affiliated with a company offering group health insurance in jacksonville, or wherever the business is located, to provide comprehensive plans to fit any employee’s needs.

College Savings Plan

With prices constantly increasing each year in all areas of society, you should consider starting a college savings plan for your children as early as possible.

Your employers should offer payroll deductions that would go directly to this savings plan and add additional benefits to contribute to this savings plan. This savings plan can protect your children from acquiring student debt or being a working student.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Some working parents may find themselves in dire straits because of student loan debt, disabling them from saving up for their retirement and their child’s future. The debt still in their minds can add to the work and family stress they are feeling and ultimately affect their productivity.

If your employer offers this benefit, they do get tax benefits while they pay a part of your student debt, and at the same time, it is excluded from your income tax. If they are not offering it yet, show them the benefits of providing it to you and your fellow employees.

Emergency Day Care

You should also ask employers if they can offer you emergency daycare benefits for your children. One can never tell how long they can keep their current childcare setup and when it does fall through, it can put you in a bind.

With emergency daycare, you can leave your children in partner childcare agencies that your company has affiliated with while you work. It can give you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about stopping work because of any childcare emergency.


As a working parent, you need to make sure your time and effort are significantly rewarded, so your choice to work rather than be a full-time parent is warranted. Whether you are looking for a new job or looking to seek additional benefits from your current employer, make sure that you can get benefits that will protect you and your family in these uncertain times.

Companies are do a lot more to show their appreciation towards their employees. And here are some of the benefits that everyone will be happy to have:
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  5. Frightening that Family Health Insurance is no longer a given in many workplaces.

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