30 Ideas to Improve Workplace Wellbeing in 2022

Workplace stress and burnout are real problems for many big and small workplaces. The reason why workplace stress and burnouts vary and they can range from poor leadership, constantly high workload, lack of breaks to poor treatment by colleagues and team leaders. If it is not prevented or resolved, workplace stress and burnout can physically,…

Avoid Micromanaging When Leading a Remote Team

Handling a remote team can be challenging, especially if you have workers who come from various time zones, languages and cultures. Not only tasks must be done on time, they have to be done correctly as well. However, if you keep pressing your workers for updates, you may end up doing micromanagement. Micromanagement can be…

How To Build A Loyal Customer Base

If a company or a business wishes to succeed in the business, they must have loyal customers. These loyal customers come back for many different reasons: from the quality of the products to the services offered by the company. In turn, these customers help your business stay afloat and become a way for others to…

Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation In Your Workplace

Today, as my little one started to walk up a gentle slope for the first time on her own (without holding my hands), she gleefully clapped her hands together with me when she reached the top on her own, something dawned on me.

Motherhood Will Never Be An Easy Job

Motherhood may be a dream job for many but it definitely not an easy job. I dare say the toughest job in the whole world, more difficult than any other worst jobs out there.