How Employers Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

Employers looking for talented recruits for their business have a lot of options to choose from. They can post job openings in newspapers, online job search sites, social media sites and even host recruitment events. Others even use their networks to find the applicants they are looking for. Out of all the methods available for…

9 Hidden Talents in the Office

Every day you see the same faces and greet the usual people since you probably work in the same team or at least the same department. You may have overlooked your colleagues and never knew them entirely as you do your job, day by day.  Maybe if you look hard enough, ask the right questions,…

Guest Post: Discovering Your Talents

I love featuring talented writers especially when it comes to writing the career and business niche. You see, to write about these serious topics isn’t easy and more so if you want to make these topics approachable, inspiring and informative, it is so much harder. So you can imagine how much excitement when I came…

Brand New Updates

Hey ya! It’s been a long time that I have not personally update myself so I decided to address this white elephant today. Thank you so much for reading and participating in MiddleMe. For all your continuous support and positive encouragement, I continue to write on even when I don’t have time.

Self Awareness Is So Important To A Freelancer

Just last week I was introduced to an obnoxious Singaporean who graduated recently with a top honour degree in the mass communications field. She was a friend of a friend whom I bumped into common gatherings when we have mutual friends.