How Employers Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

Employers looking for talented recruits for their business have a lot of options to choose from. They can post job openings in newspapers, online job search sites, social media sites and even host recruitment events. Others even use their networks to find the applicants they are looking for.

Out of all the methods available for employers to use, utilizing the features of professional social media site LinkedIn offers higher yields than other job search options.

If this is the case, how can you use it for recruiting? Here are some ways on how you can effectively use LinkedIn to recruit:

Know Your Target Applicants

Before you use LinkedIn to recruit, you need to understand what your business or company is looking for and if they are on LinkedIn. It would be best if you did your research about your applicants and how you can reach out to them.

Update Your Company Page

Aside from knowing your target applicants and your recruitment budget, you will need to update your company page to catch the attention of your target applicants. Ensure that all the information about your company is on the page. This gives people an idea about what your company does.

You can also pin the latest job openings you have on your company page so applicants can see them immediately.

Post on LinkedIn groups

When recruiting on LinkedIn, you should use all the site’s features to find the candidates you are looking for. With this said, you can post your job openings in related groups on the site.

When you do post on these groups, you need to remember what type of applicant you are hoping for, whether they are openly searching for a job and the skills they must possess.

Use The Premium Service

You will also need to study your recruitment budget since LinkedIn comes with a LinkedIn Recruiter feature to get specialized results each month of potential applicants and other special features.

The feature comes in two versions, Lite and Corporate, and both cost from $100 to $800 per month. You can still use the Recruiter feature for free, but the results will not be similar to the paid versions.

Aside from the Recruiter feature, you can also take advantage of the Inmail messaging feature, which allows you to check who viewed your profile and reach out to these people.

Reach Out To Passive Candidates

While there are job seekers on LinkedIn, you should not ignore passive candidates or already employed users. These people will be hard to recruit, but they will be a great addition to your network. When reaching out to these candidates, you can explain why you are reaching out and what job opportunities are available in the company.

You can also engage with them through the groups and posts you make on your company page.


Sometimes, the suitable applicants won’t come to you directly, which is why you need to go to them directly. On LinkedIn, you can find some of the greatest talents you will need for your business if you take the time to explore the site. With the tips above, you can slowly build your strategy to recruit efficiently in LinkedIn and build your team in the process.

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    I did use linkeldin.

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    Recruitment consultants use LinkenIn too

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      Yes, they do.

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  3. LinkedIn is also a good way to network with professionals.

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      You’re spot on!

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