I am weird. Of course, besides that, I have a superpower that is mostly unknown to others except by a few loved ones. I didn’t know I have it until people around started to point it out and slowly, it became obvious to me that I have a certain superpower to make people talk. Oh, I don’t mean with whips and lashes or even with handcuffs. Remember, violence is never the solution folks!

Weird Vibe?

I kind of have an aura around me, which my husband would like to call a ‘weird vibe’ that seems to attract people, even strangers, to want to talk to me.

The only thing is that the longer they talk to me, the more they reveal about themselves. Eventually, without inhibition or intention, they bare their secrets out even if I never ask probing questions or deliberately start a conversation.

Usually, it can be as innocent as asking “How’s your day?” to a shopping mall security while queuing at the supermarket or by just smiling at the lady behind me.

The other day while I was doing my pedicure, my manicurist told me her long history about the events that led to a disastrous relationship between her and her mother-in-law. It was a 10-year worth of stories summarized with anguish in an hour. The best part? She wasn’t even my regular manicurist as I just went to a random store that is offering promotions that day.

With Power Comes Responsibilities

Truthfully, it can be quite scary to use my superpower. I can turn out to be a nasty heartless con-woman or a scammer who purposely digs other people’s private lives, listens intently as they pour their hearts out, and manipulates them so easily due to their poor trusting state. And in the end, I can steal from them their precious hard-earned money.

I can use the information I collected from people to play the perfect political games in the office. I can even play on their weaknesses, say things they wanted to hear, or even gaslight them. Worst, I can make people fight against each other in the office because I know everyone’s little secrets.


I can choose to be a good person.

In sales, instead of overpromising with exaggerating speech, I can listen and pick up the smallest details to recommend the perfect product.

In customer service, I can hear the words you are not saying and I can gauge your emotions effectively. I can empathise with people and help them to come up with win-win solutions that not only can work for both sides but also in the most efficient way.

In a team, I am a good and active listener as a leader. My teammates opened up to me about their problems, both personal and work-related. Understanding their personalities besides knowing their backgrounds, makes it easier for me to assign tasks where they can excel. It also helps me to mentor them on their weaknesses.

In recruitment, I am good at engaging candidates to open up during interviews with simple questions. This allows me to understand their thought processes and gives me a brief insight into their personalities and work ethics. I am known in my field as a tough but fair recruiter. While my questions don’t have the right or wrong answers, this enables me to match the candidates to the right roles. 

I am not Alone

I have friends who have superpowers too.

A close friend from Austria who works as a business analyst is incredibly awesome at numbers. He can scan through numbers of numerous excel sheets and can do arithmetic and statistics quicker than I can spell the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Another friend from Hong Kong can see through people’s bullshit with her laser eyes. In a flash, she can call out those who try to fake or lie to her. There are no explanations on how she can do it, but maybe it’s her powerful instinct that quickly kicks in. She gets this weird vibes whenever someone lies through their teeth.

There is also a Singaporean friend who can get away with everything. Somehow, he has a very trustworthy face and people never suspect him of doing something bad. While he is not truly a terrible person, he has lied his way multiple times to escape troubles like tardiness and sloppiness. Oh, and he never gets caught at all!

Lastly, there’s a Malaysian friend that can always manage to gather huge support for her causes. It may be for a donation drive to support refugees or a blood donation drive for a local hospital. Somehow, her superpowers can encourage people to give and share what they have for a good cause.


We are all special in our own ways. We can realize the superpowers we have when we look deep inside ourselves. Once you know your superpower, it is now your choice to either use it for your selfish desires or use it to help the world to be a better place.

So tell me, what are your superpowers? Come and share with us in the comments below.

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89 replies on “What’s Your Superpower?

  1. A great post Kally. I too have noticed something similar about myself. However, what they say is all inside me. It never comes out. I totally agree with you.
    I think, people need a friend who can listen and make them feel better. It is a great responsibility.
    you write so well

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  2. Your superpower reminds me of one of my own (because I think I have more than one). People will tell me things that they probably don’t want to. They open up to me rather quickly and tell me way too personal things. I am not good at sales and have never found a good use for this.
    My other superpower is to give other people ideas. These ideas are rarely fully formed, but they seem to really catch the other person’s attention and they are able to build these ideas into something else. This is something I have used in teaching to give my fellow teachers ideas for activities.
    My other super power is to draw attention from people around me. This works well in the classroom and used to work well in life–but somehow I have become shyer as I get older, or I don’t feel comfortable talking to many of my coworkers……

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  3. It seems we have the same super powers Kally…. my husband never understands how people seek me out and tell me their whole life story. Listening to people gives them an opportunity to be heard which is a rare trait these days, and sort things out. Love this line ” Once you know your superpower, it is now your choice to either use it for your selfish desires or use it to help the world to be a better place”. Hope you’re well….❤️ Cindy.

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  4. Perhaps I can do “certain” kinds of work in parallel.
    Like drafting an email rapidly, checking the results of an executed command based program and reading this post of your quickly as well as going through some of my bad experiences in my mind. I do not know if this is a special ability or pure madness 🙂 ! And I would not like to appear before you for an Interview, as somehow giving interviews is not something that I usually like !!

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  5. Being a good listener is a valued trait in a friend. I love your identifying the superpowers of your friends! You are also intuitive. Instead of stealing money or other things from the people who tell you their stories, you can borrow them to write about them (without naming them). Possibly a budding short story writer?

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  6. Thanks for posting this. We all have gifts bestowed on us by our Creator. In addition to Romans 12 which RJ Dawson mentioned above, please read 1 Corinthians 1, 4-12 for more. This summarizes the spiritual gifts, but each gift has several other facets, which are both spiritual and natural, to it. For example, the gift of healing is not limited to laying of hands and a person being healed of whatever illness or disease, but comedians also are exercising gift of healing because laughter is good medicine to the soul. I’ll write to expatiate on this soon. Thanks again for sharing.

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  7. It has made me think about the many things am good at, I don’t even know my superpowers, but thanks, this will make me concentrate on my natural abilities and put to good use what I will find as my superpower.

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  8. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    God has made each and everyone of us “Special.” And no two people are identical. And no-one is without THAT SOMETHING that makes them special.

    This is part of what I term “LIFES GOD TEST”; for that is precisely what THIS life is.

    From this we may and can conclude that OUR specialness is a GIFT from God, to be used (shared) in some way to Build up others; to assist others; to love and cherish all of humanity. To help make the world we live in a better place; one person (starting with ourselves) at a time.

    My “specialness” was in Sales: I’ve been told more than once that I “could sell snow to Eskimo’s.”

    Now Retired for many years; how am I using my “specialness” to help others? I AM a salesman for GOD; and nearly fulltime, “sell” (teach) others about Christ Catholic Faith.

    Thanks Kally,
    God Bless you,

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    1. I think you do more than sell, Patrick. You inspired others naturally. So by right, you are a natural born leader who inspired others with your ways and words. Have a blessed Sunday with your loved ones.

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  9. I really enjoyed reading this Kally, I will pass this on so that others can enjoy reading this too. Thanks, you have the gift of wisdom and honesty too. I am a retired Police Officer and I also work as an Homeland Security Consultant. As a Police Officer I had written many reports for people who have been con out of money.

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  10. SMiLes my Super Power is Balance

    my, my, mine, Took 5.3 Decades to Find It

    Yet You See Hurricane Eyes Create Winds

    With 8.8



    Coming on

    To ‘Chat’

    About ‘the Others’

    And True For the First

    5.3 Decades i Mostly

    Also Listened to Others Tell me Their Life Stories…

    Hehe.. Gives one MUCH More to See And Write About Later too..:)


        1. I think there are always a dark / bright side to all industries. Even happy industries like childcare have their side of darkness like abuse. Like a weapon, you can either use it to save lives or you can use it to take lives.

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  11. Like you Kally, I get all sorts of people telling me their life stories lol. I think I just have that kind of face lol, that people approach me. I was always that student that all the lecturers spoke right at in uni too, so I felt I couldn’t look away and had to look interested throughout.

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  12. I think I must have been putting out a similar vibe when I used to ride the bus. I heard so many life stories because people would just suddenly start talking to me! I actually enjoyed it, though. I got to learn about life from many different perspectives.

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  13. My super power is teaching. I have always loved to teach, although I do not have a degree, but it is something I enjoy doing. I am a minister, and I have been for five years now. I love teaching the Word of God, creating Bible studies, and sharing what I believe. I also have a way with the elderly. I enjoy helping and taking care of them. There are so many things about me that I could share, but it would take forever, so those are just a few things that I call my superpowers.

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  14. This is amazing. My family and I joke that this is my superpower as well. It’s interesting you use the word superpower too. People love to tell me traumatic things that still hurt them. Since I was 5 years old and my school teacher told me about her son committing suicide. Countless times people have opened up to me, on the first meeting with them. I always think I wouldn’t be great as a psychologist because I’m too empathetic. Thanks for posting this.

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    1. Hey Hi Five! It’s a good superpower to have. Welcome to the superheros club! Lol.

      Thank you so much for letting me know! Appreciate your visit and come back soon. Take care.

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