Just a few days back, I have come across an absurd goal of someone who said that his life goal is to ultimately owning a landed property. Mind you, it isn’t a goal he set himself for the next 5 years to achieve but a lifetime goal. It did get me thinking that goals shouldn’t be that frivolous and materialistic. 

He’ll work hard and save even harder to achieve that goal (Singapore is an expensive place to own a landed property)  but will he feel fulfilled after achieving his dream?

Suddenly, it dawned on me that many people I know have empty goals marked only by physical objects. Relentless pursues of materials to showcase the world (in my opinion, their own world) of the success they accomplished. So if you are a CEO, you are successful? Or if you gun down the road in your Porsche? I don’t think that is realistic or even healthy. But does that equals to happiness? 

It is different for me. From young, I know I always wanted to be empowered to change the world. As I grew up, I adjusted realistically that I can’t be the superhero that changes the world (like Superman) but I can be the person who changes things in my own world.

Every little positive changes counts, right? Even in their own little ways.

I am positive that I want people around me to be happier, to be inspired, to progress. 

So with that mindset, my life goals are simple. In order to empowered myself, I challenge myself to become a better person. Whether it through upgrading myself with books or courses, to accept tough challenges in both life and work, I strive to learn something new every now and then. When I strive to better myself, I remembered to positively charge the energy around me so people within the vicinity will be inspired to be positive as well. 

I may not be the person who find a cure for cancer or the advocate to save dolphins from plastics. By knowing I still manage to do some good everyday and to  make an impact, no matter how insignificant, I am contented.

That’s my life goal. As simple as that. 

Take a look.

People who are truly deem successful by others, are in fact, live humbly and live by their passion and life mission – which is always to make a difference in their world. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Stephen Hawkins, Mother Theresa, Gandhi – just to name a few so you’ll get my point. 

I don’t need a house, a car or loads of wealth in my bank account to feel on top of the world, to feel that I made a difference in my life and others around me. I don’t need to chase blindly for things that I know wouldn’t matter at all at my deathbed.

In fact, my only death wish is to be able to write epic adventures about my lifelong journey. I count my blessings everyday that I am the difference in your life. And that equals to me fulfilling my life goal every time I make someone else’s day! 

Clothes, cash, even a roof above my head are just things to be used and discarded one day when I no longer needed them. I really don’t want to have so much wealth that my children and relatives will fight over ugly inheritance. But knowledge, memories and experiences are part of me that I know will never leave my side (unless I have dementia then pray I get to keep the good memories with me). Kinship, friendship and respect are what you accumulated throughout your years collecting experiences and inspiring others. I know I will have lived my life to the fullest as long as someone remembers my name fondly. I don’t need to be a legend. 

So to the guy whose life goal is to get a flashy house with a flashy lifestyle, I am luckier than you. I get to be happy every time I touched someone’s soul but you only will taste happiness once you get that house. Or probably not. Because there will always be bigger houses, faster cars and better yachts. 

So what are your life goals? Come and share with us in the comments below. 

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73 replies on “What are Your Goals in Life?


    ♡ Miserable People often Deny Complaining with “I HAVE A LIFE!!!” then Go On Describing Their Living Arrangements & LifeStyles with which They ARE Clearly Very UnHappy; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity We ARE Our 3DLife NOT!!! the Money, Materialism and Relationships that Surround Us…


    ON MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)

    ♡ Roaring Rage=Really Resentful; Please Calm Down
    ♡ Angst Anxiety=Acutely Apprehensive; It May NEVER!!! Happen
    ♡ Deep Depression=Death Desire; Please Stay Alive

    …I AM Forged and Hardened in The Fires of MMHI; I AM Also Water Soft which is Very, Very, Very Good for Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…



    ♡ Parents Educate
    ♡ Teachers/Lecturers/Professors Educate
    ♡ Experience Educates

    …I Experience without Being Educated by Sitting In Silence; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Experience is an Educator if I CHOOSE!!! to Actively Listen EveryOne…



    ♡ ALL Problems have Solutions; if I Perceive Problems I SEEK!!! Solutions rather than Dwell on PROBLEMS!!! however long it takes…clearly My Mental Health plays a part here; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Admit, Acknowledge And Address My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)



    ♤ Lack=Less than I Perceive I NEED!!!
    ♡ Enough=Exactly what I NEED!!!
    ♧ Abundance=More than I NEED!!!

    …so why; why 🤔 ?…



    ◇ 1. Etheric (SIXTH SENSE!!!)
    ◇ 2. Touch (RECOIL!!!)
    ◇ 3. Hearing (LOUD NOISES!!!)
    ◇ 4. Sight (DON’T LOOK!!!)
    ◇ 5. Taste (SPIT IT OUT!!!)
    ◇ 6. Smell (FOLLOW OUR NOSE!!!)



    ◇ Ingest, Digest, Absorb, Excrete
    ♡ Manage Psychological State
    ♧ Follow Rules and Regulations or Rebel



    ◇ One of My Favourite Poems about Diamond Hard; the Reality of Inflexible ‘Leading’:

    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader

    I AM The Leader!!!
    I AM The Leader!!!
    I AM The Leader!!!

    What do we do now?
    What do we do now?
    What do we do now?

    …be careful what is wished for everyone; it may manifest when least expected…



    ♡ Since Accomplishing Management and Control of My ANGER!!! 😠 EveryOne I Haven’t Hurt MySelf or AnyOne Else Since; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Have Been a bit Clumsy in My Small, Single Living Space and Grazed and Lacerated MySelf on a Number of Different Occasions 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 …so what’s The The Solution to This Stress and Pressure ANGER, RAGE!!! 😖😡😠 Problem; because, Clearly, a Problem is a Solution in Waiting 🤓 …but what if The Problem is Too Difficult, Too Big, to Face Right Now; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that I Wait for The Solution to Present ItSelf in Divine Timing 😇 …the Maiming and Harming of Others is Diamond Hard EveryOne; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that Water is Soft and Yielding, gradually, persistently and, sometimes, INSTANTLY HARD!!! like Tsunamis or Floods; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Gaia KNOWS!!! and We Should ALL Pay Attention to what Really Matters 🤓😇🤗

    ◇ Our Moods EveryOne; the sooner We Comprehend That Simple yet Complex Truth The Better 🤓😇🤗♡ Personally I AM More about Effort; like watching The Fat Girl Completing a 100m Sprint in 30 Seconds Impresses Me More than Usain Bolt…

    …♧♧♧ ..

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  2. I share my goals with you Kally, firstly I like a simple life and be happy. And that I can be easily without a Porsche. Then I want my children to have a happy life, and then I would like to make the world kinder and happier, so my own actions are steps towards that. Educate children right, and be a role model doing the right things. that makes me happy and that is my goal.

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    1. Your goals are realistic and down to earth, something I admire and can identify with. With your goals firmly on your shoulders, I’d like to think that Ute, you’ve already made the world a kinder and happier place.

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  3. You are exactly right, Kally!
    Finding happiness in materialism isn’t long lasting. Simple things in life are of great value and enriching ourselves with them only benefits in not only our own greater good, but also for rest of the world.

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    1. I’m glad you and many others are agreeing with me. I don’t think any material will make me happy. I rather have awesome memories than to have someone buy me something. Many times when my hubby asked what I want for my birthday/ anniversary/ Christmas, I only ask that he spends more time at home so we can create memories together.

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      1. All I ask God for is good health to finish my six acre landscaped gardens into hedged rooms and how long do 1750 green emerald Thuja hedges take to grown from 2 feet high to 12 feet. All else I have built or made and have house and lands so little left to dream of unless love is a thing to wish for. Not sure about that maybe ask God for good health and get on with life.


  4. I have heard a video that connecting to God , holy spirit or source energy makes us a channel to love and live beyond time , beyond duality , beyond the mind and into the eternal formless indefinite and compassionate source of being …

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  5. I want a sense of proportion, to enjoy what I have and not pine for what I don’t have and/or don’t need–whether it’s friends, material goods, challenges, opportunities, personal traits, family, health or fate.

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  6. Great blog post Kally! When you feel joyful, peaceful, calm and present, then anything is possible. Goals help you grow as a person, but money isn’t everything. Money gives you the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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  7. Hmm.. I definitely felt what you said about wanting to be empowered and do good in the world. I’ve also felt this way since I was a child, but at the same time why can’t we have it all? There’s plenty of money to go around. And good people like to help others so if we have a lot who knows how many people we could help? I think as long as your desire stems from a good place with good intentions there’s no reason not to help people and have a nice house and pretty clothes! I like to shoot for the stars ⭐️

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    1. Lol! I love to shoot for the stars too. But there is a saying “Money is the root of all evils.” Maybe that’s why we can’t have it all.

      To be very very very rich, you’ll need to make some sacrifices in your life like not spending enough time with your loved ones. Like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they are very wealthy yet they spend very little time with their families (until Bill retired).

      For myself, I’d rather have my weekends at home (eating home cooked dinner to save money) with my family than living in a huge mansion, lonely and waiting for a busy husband to come home. 🙂

      Thank you Jeanna for sharing your thoughts with us. Have an awesome new week!

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      1. Agreed. But people who are poor also sometimes work three jobs and don’t have time for their families either.
        And as for money being the root of all evil, I don’t think it necessarily makes you a bad person if you have money or want it. We live in a material world so it’s natural to want material things in my opinion.
        I know that my primary focus is on becoming a better, kinder, more helpful individual, doing work that genuinely fulfills me. But I also want freedom to do what I want, travel to where I want to, take vacations and just be comfortable and happy. 😊

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  8. Goals MUST be realistic and attainable. Too many people aim way too high and are disappointed when they fail to attain “fantasy” goals. I believe in the old KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Me? I have stayed focused but open and it has served me well for over seven decades.

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  9. I love how you think! I’m in complete agreement. I have a feeling that people who focus on material possessions/status, feel empty inside so they’re trying to fill that hole with things/the societal validation of wealth. It’s like they’re programmed to only see the value of money, not actual life.

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    1. So true!!!!!!! We are in sync, Judy. It is so sad that some of my friends are like that and you see them wasting their lives, chasing something so frivolous and even after getting what they wanted, they are never happy.

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      1. Hi Kally, yes, there’s no real satisfaction because there’s no deeper meaning behind the materialistic goals; they’re just obsessing over soulless objects and things. I once had a conversation with an art dealer, who bought a very expensive painting and he was disappointed because it didn’t have as much value as he expected. I asked him if he at least liked how the painting looked, (personal value) and he said it never occurred to him if he liked the painting at all, (it was all about resale profit to him). I don’t understand that kind of thinking!

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        1. Oh my. Neither could I understand why some art pieces are more expensive than others. To me, an art differ in value from individual’s opinion of beauty. Some like still life drawings while some like portrait paintings, some like it modern and some like them abstract. The value will be different to everyone.

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  10. I’m not sure my bigger goals in life are in focus yet. Goals, for now, are to continue to grow and learn and interact with people, so that maybe I can help somehow or possibly learn what I can do best. I don’t mind waiting. Good things are happening in the meantime!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your goals with us! I love your goals for improving yourself and sharing your knowledge with others. Hope you will share your thoughts with us often! Welcome to MiddleMe!

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  11. Very inspiring, my first goal its always about my kids, I am always growing for them, always trying to be a better parent for them, however in this job that I have, where I am dealing with pathologies, miscarriages, and fail pregnancies all the time, I constantly find myself putting my shoulder for someone to cry or just to talk, this is my life purpose, i guess my goal is keep helping others find their way to happiness.

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  12. I totally agree with this. Also, when you achieve a goal like yours, no one can take it from you. But toys and property can be lost or stolen, so do not bring lasting happiness. I see people with ridiculous wealth, and they are no happier than those without. They strive to “collect” houses, toys and chattels, and none of it fills that gap in their hearts.

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  13. Quite true. One may not change the world in a massive way, but we may leave a few things better than before we showed up. On literally, a tiny scale, I changed some peoples’ views about killing insects, even a nice little girl who killed bugs for fun! When I left her family’s home she had designated a cup to be the official ‘bug catch & release cup’. She saw me save a cute little spider & the whole concept was new to her 🙂 People can be scum, so I have tried to protect the innocent ones – the little critters (& sweet lizards too : ) of the world that make it better. Okay, I don’t know a benefit for mosquitoes & others, but I don’t think it’s their fault they are what they are. Life would be simpler if I didn’t care about that darn beetle on my windshield holding on for dear life : ) I’m happy there are good individuals with a lot of money who have goals to help others in a way many cannot. We can do that which we are able.

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  14. Good morning Kally ,

    I like your article about the life goals

    I was 6 years old and my mother receive by post in Alsace , a little packet from my father with a letter and a silk scarf on which was printed :
    Seeing that , I say : One day , I will go to Singapore

    With 17 ½ , I meet my wife aged of 16 ½ , and we marry 8 months after
    When we marry , we didn’t have a suitcase
    And if we had a suitcase , with all our properties , we would not be able to fill it
    Of course , in plus of our love , our goal was to give to our children all what was not given to us

    With 30 , I was in Singapore for a short business trip
    This goal was made

    Then other goals need to came , as life without goals is a poor life
    Today I’m retired , and if I’m not poor , I’m far to be rich , but I can say I have succeed in my life :
    My children and my grandchildren are all happy
    That’s the better goal in which my wife ( the same of course ) and me succeed

    And now I still have a goal , it’s my book :
    Earth is the aim , in 7 volumes
    I wrote it in French of course and I translate it in English
    It’s the human ancient history based on legends , myths , religions , sciences and archaeology
    From the first to the sixth volume , it tells the history from -20 000 up to -2000
    The seventh volume goes from the Big Bang up to the next Big Bang
    You can see the details on my blogs

    And of course I agree with you , the better goals are not for money or properties
    Kind regards

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  15. Good afternoon Kally
    If you are interested to be surprised by the real ancient history of the South East Asia and paricularly of Thailand , Singapour , Malaysia and Hong Kong , as well as the Pacific and the South Indian Ocean area , you will like my volume 4 : Earth is the aim 4 , The Tokharians
    It is very cheap on amazon in ebook , as it is the author who fixes the price , that’s why I put it at the lower level as winning money with my books is not my goal
    My goal is to let knew our true ancient history
    As well you make like my travel book : Madras , one of my trip through South East Asia
    Have a nice day

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  16. Hi Kally

    Not really , as well if of course there is nothing in my books which could’nt suit for children
    My book , Houat and Morbihan’s gulf , can perhaps suit as it describe these nice part of Britanny and which is not only showed with photos , but also with the tales and legends of the area
    And my book “ Earth is the aim “ is not recommended for chidren or students as they don’t learn the same history in the school …
    It exist the official history and the true history …
    But anyway , I’m very happy for you and for your young daughter that she reads , that’s marvellous !
    Particularly today
    Have a nice day

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