Passionate People Work Harder, Stay Loyal


If your boss isn’t reading this, it’s time to forward this article to him or her or even them. The glaring fact has always been in our faces, it is not the pay nor the benefits nor the environment that makes people work harder and smarter for a company. Of course, these factors just make the job more attractive but to get someone to stay loyal and pour his heart (and soul) into his work is pure passion.

To cultivate passion in a work environment is not an easy feat but it can be done, focusing on 3 major areas: People, Purpose and Product. Right now, companies are rather focusing on Profit but if you hit People, Purpose and Product, the Profit will flow right in. Let me explain why and how.



Hiring not only the right People is important but you need to constantly motivate and mould those talents in the right directions. Otherwise, the dire result is either they jump ship to your competitors or their passion wilted and die. The corporates often forget that it is People that makes up a company and it is People who are the customers of the company. What better word of mouth advertisement is there if your employees not only uses your company’s services and products but endorse it among their friends and family. Says a lot when I bumped into a friend of mine working in Samsung, using an iPhone, right?



What is the Purpose being in the company? I know everyone plays a role but is anyone aware of the bigger impact the company has on a much bigger scale? Make a choice: Work for Us because We want to make our shareholders even richer OR Work for Us as we create products that revolutionise healthcare. It gives People a Purpose to know that even in their tiny role in their even tinier cubicle, serves an impact for goodness, whether it is saving the Earth, assisting to better lives or make the world a much safer place to live. By creating passion from Purpose, you attract the right People to join your cause, think on the same wavelength and no matter how hard they work, how much hours they put in, your employees get to go home thinking “Hey! I made a difference today.” That is something bigger than passion – that’s Pride.



Similar to Purpose, going right on the directive path is how you make your products or services. If your product doesn’t come with great after service or doesn’t have quality assurance, it does say a million about what your company stands for, ain’t it? And who wants to work in a company where your customers complain all the time or the headline news is about how consumer association is after your company? Having a great product will naturally create a great reputation and in turn, bring in hordes of talented people who wants to join a company that makes great products.  

And ultimately, it boils down to Profit.

With the great People, Purpose and Product fulfilled, you’ll have no qualms that Profit follows closely. After all, as pointed out earlier, your passionate employees who are believers are your biggest customers and advertisers.

Do you agree with me? Share your comments down below!


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  1. theonlysup says:

    I agree that its the employee who adds value to business. If employee satisfaction is’ A ‘ then only customer satisfaction will be ‘A+’


  2. I’m still studying, not employed yet but you managed to have me read till the end. You’re brilliant.

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    1. Kally says:

      Awwww.. Thanks, my dear!!

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  3. Ah Yr says:

    100% spot on! What are your thoughts if one department head thinks there is no need to train its internal people within the HR team?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Then the department head should be the first one to be train. If HR (the whole department) doesn’t view training as an important part of growing an employee and company, it does says a lot on how much the management value your future with them.


  4. jlfatgcs says:

    The teacher is the passion, and that brings the purpose to the forefront. The product is children signing up for school and that is a natural flow with great teachers / passion. -Jennie-


  5. Sometimes the purpise comes across a bit phoney, esoecially if managemwnt doesn’t practice what they preach. Nevertheless, in my work place I am so lucky to work with amazing people who have become my friends and extended family. Great article as always.

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    1. Kally says:

      Awww.. That’s lucky of you to be in a workplace that have amazing folks! They are the ones who gets you going when things get tough.


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