In the real world, first impressions counts a lot. You probably will swipe left to pass the guy on Tinder who is scruffy and looking as if he hasn’t seen daylight for a million years. The app depends a lot on first impressions. In the business world, it is even more so but what is really out of perspective is packaging. It’s all about how you package your company, your products and even yourself in order to get far in the game.

Let me list a few examples.

concert-336695_640The Crazy Entertainment World 
All artists are packaged, one probably more carefully than others. You may delude yourself on what you perceive as the personality of that artist or singer on what you read but it’s all managed down to tiny details by their management company.Sorry to crash your impression of Bieber. Look at how some singers can’t sing but have sell out concerts every single time. (Lip sync, lip sync, lip sync!) Look at how some actors can’t act but yet starred in blockbusters movies. (Dead eyes, dead expression, dead voice…)  You know who they are and despite their lack of talent, they are still around. Kudos to their management company. Want to know more? Watch Entourage (TV series) – these must be some truth in there.

file0001465088015The Foodie World
You’ll notice all those bad unhealthy food are all packaged in bright vibrant colors whereas the healthier organic food are always packed in earthy colors like green, brown, beige.. Makes you just want to reach out those red, yellow blue packaging, don’t you? Scientific studies shows that happy bright colors usually drawn in consumers attention more than dull colors. It makes a lot of sense, why do you think McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut or Domino’s have red, yellow and blue in them?

cigarette-616691_640The Smokies World
The big tobacco companies have been masters at marketing their products. When they are banned in advertising their products on television and radio in 1971, they survived in newspapers, magazines and billboards. They package the cigarettes to look cool for the youth (barely adults), the manly cowboy or the slim and chic for the ladies.

So you get it packaging is very important but how do you package yourself and do you need to? If you think all you need packaging is when you are going for a job interview, you are so wrong. In one of my earlier article, I’ve talked about how to make known your intentions that you are ready to move on and up in your career.

One serious consideration, top management tend to have is whether the person is managerial material, in other words, does he or she belongs to the club. Of course, one thing that always looked for is productive and results however, we all know to be a good leader, you need more than that. You need to inspire and lead by example. Just like organic food, you are good for the company (inside) but you don’t look as nice on the outside as perhaps, say a candy who is decked in red, yellow and blue. Now I know you produce results and you are good for the company, but I’ll still be tempted to chose the candy over you anyways especially if the candy does produce results as well, just not as good as you.

Unfair? In the business world, there is often unfairness. So instead of mulling around, take action and increase your leverage to make it a fair playing field. Don’t control what you can’t fix, act on things you can control.

And don’t wait until the announcement been made that there is a headcount for a promotion before you take action. I have seen folks in my office suddenly perked up, came early to work, decked in their best, volunteer for any and every tasks. Heck, even the sloppy ones appeared more tidy and stayed back late when it’s appraisal time. So fake! Oops, did I say that aloud? Yes, it’s very superficial. You’ll know appraisal period is over and they had their one on one talk when you realize the office is back to normal again.

Subtle change is the key word. Change for the better. For the positive. If you are often late, work on that, tardiness shows the opposite of reliability. If you are careless in your work, make sure you check thrice, not twice before you click submit. Oh, and remember to attach your documents before sending out that email. If you dressed as if you are going to a party later, start toning down by swapping the colors for something somber.

If you want to sell them that you deserve the position, they need to know that they can sell you as the new manager to your new staff. Because ultimately, sad but true, it all boils down to how good you package yourself.

Do you think the above implies to you as well? Leave your thoughts at below comment.

24 replies on “It’s all about the Packaging

  1. Advertisements are sometimes spoken of as the nervous system of the business world … As our nervous system is constructed to give us all the possible sensations from objects, so the advertisenent which is comparable to the nervous system must awaken in the reader as many different kinds of images as the object itself can excite

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  2. Great article (once again, Kally!), of course! 🙂 But I really zoned in on, “All artists are packaged, one probably more carefully than others.” So very, very true today … but has not always been that way. That’s one HUGE reason I’ve always been attracted those “back in the day,” who had to fight their way to the top, just as they were: Elvis, Johnny Cash, B. B King, James Dean, Janice Joplin… They were raw, you know. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m one of those strange creatures that really rather despise packaging … maybe because I’m an eccentric writer/poet??? Anyway, always such a pleasure and beneficial to read your posts! All the best to you, over and over again! 😉

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    1. I love your posts just because you are such a special writer! I’m usually not a huge fan of poems but somehow your website just kept luring me back, I think it’s the magic of those mythical stories you wrote. 🙂

      I found that those oldies songs content makes more sense too. The other day, I was just telling myself when I overhead a particular song on the radio “Hmm.. That song is just made up of 5 lines chorus that repeats over and over again throughout. That’s no substance.”

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you for dropping in! 🙂

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  3. This is lovely Kally. What I love about your posts is relevance. They treat issues of real importance to your readers. Reading your posts I always go edified. In other words, I grow taller. I agree fully. Packaging is very important. The way you present yourself is what this means. Thanks for staying connected with me. I am confident we’ll do lots of great things together. Many blessings to you.

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  4. When you strip away the packaging, you create a huge landfill problem that we are all drowning in and poisoning ourselves and the environment with. I can say this to an Asian, but no wonder Americans are fat, sickly, and broke. Look at the Big Food and health care Industries.

    I believe China has traditionally been an agrarian society, close to the land. Lately, I’ve been reading about rural people moved to high rises in the city. Now the elevators are broken, and people who used to grow their own rice can’t afford it. It takes a lot of farm to feed a city. Please learn from the US example and don’t let China follow it. Wild Swans, by Jung Chang, is a powerful autobiography about how Mao Zedong turned Chinese against their own heritage, in cheap imitation of the West.

    By the way, what do you know about acupuncture? Oriental medicine interests me, and I’d like to see a “healthy” blend of East and West.


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      1. Now there’s an entrepreneurial capital market worthy of investment. I suspect there will soon be more open-mindedness to the Oriental healing arts as Western medicine finds its limits. The “health care industry” has peaked, I believe. People are looking for the personal touch we’ve lost touch with.

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        1. In our South East Asia countries, we usually believe in both. We do both oriental and western medicines, and in hospital sometimes the doctors will prescribe both according to what your body needs.


  5. Too true. Especially the cigarette ads are insane (at least here in Germany), they are always about freedom, individualisation and to show who you are by being different by still smoking.
    It is all about creating a not forgettable good first impression, in case you manage that the battle about creating awareness for you or the product is already half way won

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  6. Image is one thing, and attitude is another thing altogether. I agree with you in the business world that how things work can be fair, but I suppose if you really believe in your work and the company, there is no reason why we can’t put on a good show and behaviour day in and day out.

    Recently at my work, we had a quality & assessment period which I wasn’t aware of. It was a time when the managers monitored the staff’s work closely and gave feedback in terms of written reports. Thankfully I go into work each day wanting to do my best and got a good report 😀

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  7. Hi Kally,
    Been a very busy woman lately, but for important ‘things’ one have to make read a few of your latest articles; you’re still provide great advice 🙂
    Hope you’re doing fine on a personal level too.

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