Hi Kally,

I have been reading MiddeMe since day 1 and I am proud to say I totally agree with everything you wrote. It is so simple to understand what you wrote. I have a teeny weeny problem recently surface in my workplace and I prefer to remain anonymous but still seek your advice, if you could help. I’m sure you can.

I’m working as a telemarketer in a huge corporation but it has never seemed that big to me, well, mainly because our team is made up of 40 fantastic folks with the most amazing team leader. We are like a family together, we even go on holidays together or visit one another during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been like that since I joined two years ago. No one really quit Regina’s team because we all are there for one another. Every quarter, our team will get rewarded for being top of all the telemarketing team with a big bonus. Regina always made sure we get what we deserved and she take great care of us too!

The oh-oh part comes in when I heard from my sister that Regina came to her office for a second interview for a manager’s position. My sister is dead convinced it is her. If it is true, I felt betrayed. Imagine how the guys who have worked under her much longer feel? My sister is pretty sure that Regina will get the job in her firm because there’re no other people coming in for second interviews.

Should I tell on Regina to preempt the team? I’m so afraid that our team’s morale will break and this quarter (even this year), we can all forget about the bonus. This news is killing me and every time, Regina smile at me and I will turn away and pretend I didn’t see it. I don’t know if I can keep this secret in me any longer and I don’t know if I should.

Please help!

Sincerely From,

Jude B

Dear Jude,

I can’t express how lucky I am to have such a loyal reader like you. So a big thank you to you! Hugs!

Thank you for trusting me with your problem. Here’re my two cents worth, in short, this is Regina’s business and it is going to be her to break the news to your team, no matter how you see it. I’m sorry for the harsh truth and I know how hard it is for you to finally found a wonderful job, great colleagues and amazing boss to work with and to have it pull under your feet when you heard the news from your sister.

I’m sure Regina is a fantastic leader and you love her for it. So I’m sure that she certainly deserves a break in her career especially if your company doesn’t seem to provide for her. If you put aside your anger and your loyalty for the team and see herself as an individual, I know you’ll find it in your heart that you are happy for her. It might also the fear of unknown that creates the inner anger in you.

If you view from a positive point, her leaving might create a window opportunity for one member of your team to step up and take over her role. With all of you working so closely, I’m sure you’ll support the next team leader especially if he or she rise within the team. Regina could even keep a lookout for great opportunities in her new company for you guys.

So be there for her when and a big IF she breaks the news. I am pretty confident that she hate to leave such a great and awesome team too. Don’t tell anyone her news, it’s her news and it’s her right to break it to the team.

I hope that I have helped to clear any doubts. Best of luck!




7 replies on “A Word Of Advice: Gone Leader Gone

  1. I once worked for a top company and our team had the same fervent work ethic that Jude’s team had. We viewed people that left for other areas as traitors and revered our leaders.

    Then along came a company that raised enough capital to buy us out. The company changed its values and a year later I was laid off with my fellow team members with seniority.

    During my job search, I began to really look at my resume and I looked at the people who had left us. I was completely pigeon-holed in my work history. I had a ton of skills since I worked the ambiguous sector of Operations but I only worked in Operations. So during my job search, I decided to move on to a different field.

    It is great to dedicate yourself to one cause. But it is also good not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Business is about change. One day they could change the whole bonus structure or the team. What will happen then?

    So do not take it personal and do your best job no matter is at the helm.

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