33 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 6 April

      1. The Gondwanaland, my blog name represents a tribal community. I want to write stories about these people for international people ( means openly, for everyone).

        So my blog is basically a place for stories, stories which develop understanding of people from different countries about “ local India”. The Gondwanaland is a unique world, it has it’s own rules and it’s stories tell us it’s different feature & design.

        Kally, The Gondwanaland is just a name or recognition. Basically, I want to start a healthy and productive communication. These conversation will be:
        1. Me to my readers
        2. Reader to reader
        3. My blog to the society.

        I want to develop my blog as a unique brand for stories. It should be a way to use and challenge our creative thinking and a new way to modern storytelling.

        Although, I want to spread it all over the World and all over the internet but main base or focus should be my blog. I know it takes time and require a lot of hardwork, planning, dedication and team work. Therefore, I belive in the long journey.

        I want to work smartly, concisely and strongly.

        I want your guidance for next 10 or 12 months in building my blog. I respect an individual blogger and belive in one on one interaction.

        How should I build my blog?

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        1. Hi Lokesh,

          First of all, I’m honored that you chosen me to provide guidance to you.

          Building your blog into a successful one with a unique brand isn’t impossible but like you said it yourself, it requires a lot of time and effort.

          For a start on building a good blog, I would suggest in looking into these areas:
          – Getting a domain name for your blog
          – Streamline your topics
          – Be consistent
          – Build up a content vault
          – Build up your personal branding

          Resources to read up:

          After you established those, you can think about marketing your blog, not only in WordPress community but to the public. To do that you’ll need SEO and SMM.

          Resources to read up:

          If you need me to explain those areas in details, a thorough evaluation of your blog and walk you through planning/working on those changes in your blog, I’m happy to offer my consultancy services to you.

          Just drop me an email at Kally@MiddleMe.net.

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  1. I recall reading (years and years and years ago!) in Psychology Today that indecision (or anticipation of an unknown result) is one of the most uncomfortable places for the mind. Even when the choices are both good, say, Butterscotch or Chocolate ice cream, if you can only have one, if you cannot decide you will be miserable. Wait patiently for an outcome; it will come. Live by convictions and make a choice. 😉

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