Many people think that blogging is easy, and it simply involves writing an interesting article and keeping the site updated. However, creating and maintaining a blog is more than that. Blogging is a difficult art to practise, and even the best bloggers nowadays had to start from the bottom to get their blogs noticed before. It requires regular follow-ups and consistent, high-quality contents to keep the website relevant.

There are plenty of articles or even paid workshops to teach you how to get your blog noticed by others. But, since I love sharing new ideas to people, I’m going to tell you the tips that I used to achieve the 7000 and counting followers on my blog without paying a single cent.

If you’re planning to start a blog or you currently have but failed to get consistent traffic, here are some tips on how you can make your blog successfully noticed by readers.

Find Your Own Unique Selling Point

I cannot stress enough that finding your own selling point is the first step and key to have a successful blog. Making sure that you are presenting a unique content is essential to get your potential readers engaged. Surely, there will be many sites out there that have the same niche as you. And for this reason, you need to have a different and interesting presentation to make a good impression on your audience. You should also make your audience feel that you know what you are talking about and that you are not just copying others.

If you want to build readership, you must not have a blog that showcases everything. Think about magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper. These magazines will never discuss an in-depth topic about politics because they are fashion magazines, and everything they will write about will be linked to fashion. And the Time magazine will not talk about fashion unless it is related to the industry itself or the economy.

Having different themes in your blog can be confusing to readers, and consequently, attracting the right audience will be more difficult. It will just be a lose-lose situation.

Build an email list

When it comes to getting your blog noticed, using an email list can be very helpful to you. While this advice is often directed to affiliate marketers, bloggers with email lists can also get long-term followers from it, especially when you post relevant, useful, and unique content that they like. You can personalise your email list to reflect your brand and direct it to people who will look into your content.

Luckily, WordPress writers have the advantage of this feature as it is already built-in on the platform. When someone decides to follow your blog, they will be automatically added on your email list, unless they manually disable the email notification button.

Comment on other people’s blog

Another great tip to get your blog known is to comment on other people’s blogs. You can look for bloggers who have the same niche as you and write a comment on their content. You can also try to promote your blog by placing your website link in the comment so more people can check it out.

Guest post for other blogs

Guest posting is also another useful tip to get more traffic for your site. You can work with known sites who are looking for guest bloggers that feature your niche and create content that will show your work. This can attract potential readers to check your site for other similar contents.

Of course, you need to make sure that your work passes your host’s standards so that they can also recommend you to other blogs.

Use Social Media

If you want anything to flourish online, you definitely have to use social media. Nowadays, blog sites like WordPress, Blogger, and others have features that will allow you to share your content to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Always utilise these features and adjust your campaign to get people interested in clicking your blog link.

Another awesome tool I use all the time is Hootsuite. Most people don’t know that there is a free account in Hootsuite that allows you to schedule social media posts up to 30 posts for free on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also has a neat interface that allows you to manage the comment section. Pretty cool, huh?

Before you do this, know which social media platforms your target users frequently use and focus your content on these sites.

Search Engine Optimisation

This may be a bit leaning towards commercialising your blog, however, one of the best ways for a non-WordPress reader to find your blog is through optimising your website ranking on the search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo.

I always get around 100 and sometimes up to 200 hits per day from search engine referrals alone. And I believe that some of my clients came from these hits.

If you want to learn more about the SEO I do, check out this article:
SEO Content Writing Tips that Every Writer Must Practice


I hope that the tips I mentioned can help you gain traction among your readers and increase your blog’s popularity. Additionally, staying genuine and sincere in the blogosphere goes a long way in building friendships and connections.

Do you have any secrets in getting your blog noticed? If you do, share them in the comments below!

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77 replies on “How to Get Your Blog Noticed

  1. Getting your blog noticed… by whom ? 🙂

    Some want many readers, others want quality readers. Strategies are different.
    I’d say: if you want quality readers, avoid shallow mechanical communication. Better be silent sometimes.

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  2. I’ve always been interested in optimizing my blog for SEO to drive traffic. I agree with you on getting a niche, quality updated content and commenting on blog has helped me gain WordPress traffic

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  4. Interesting post! I have a concern, though: How do you address the audiences you DON’T want on your blog?

    I’ve recently had instances where content farms ran by Arabs, Africans, and Indians keep on following me. It’s pretty annoying, to say the least.


  5. Great advice, Kally! I already follow some of your suggestions, but you also have mentioned ideas I’m considering. For example, I am giving serious thought to “expanding” my site to Facebook.

    While my writings are completely non-commercial, I still enjoy all the people (like you) who stop by, read and comment. To think, it was nothing but personal friends and family, even three years ago.

    Now that I’ve made friends around the globe, really, I want to keep the universe growing. I much appreciate your ideas, Kally!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks much, Kally! You’re wonderfully generous.

        After the holidays, I’m going to start thinking about my blog’s future, and on what I’d like to improve. I’m flattered you’d think of me, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on my ideas.

        Until then, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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