Hands up if you get writer’s block!

Despite some of my readers’ assumptions that I don’t have this problem, I do! Maybe not as often as some might have but every now and then, I do face writer’s block and couldn’t write any further than the first sentence. Sometimes, it is because I am overly stretched and tired, my mind tends to wander off topic. Sometimes, I get distracted when I’m writing and the train of thoughts just went on a no-return trip to Neverland.

Writing is difficult for me as well especially as a new mom, struggling with panda eyes with the soft warm bed beckoning to me or even trying to conjure up where did I misplace her blankie when she is screaming on top of her lungs (my baby definitely do not have asthma from the frequency and tonation of her wailing…).

So how then did I manage to churn out content after content, day after day enough to feed my dear audience – you?


Bullet Points

I note down my thoughts in bullet points everytime I get them. I don’t wait. Not even when I’m changing diapers. I’ll just brandish my iPhone and start putting the thoughts on my reminder list. Whether it is random or structured, it doesn’t matter. It will be useful to me, if not the current article, then the next one.

Write Everywhere And Anywhere

I’m furiously typing this to you on my iPhone while I’m gobbling down my lunch in a restaurant downtown, keeping an eye on my sleeping angel. My current favourite writing place? The toilet. Where moms get their peace and quiet…for like 10 minutes until someone needs something. I type while I sing nursery songs to her. I type while I wait for my casserole in the oven to be ready. I type when I’m waiting for my Uber to arrive while tapping my foot impatiently.

Enjoy The Flow

When I do get writer’s block, I stop writing. Because it will get me all frustrated and nowhere if I force ideas out from my mind. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable, yes even when you are writing for a client. Heck, especially when you are writing for a client. So if you are forcing it just to meet the deadline, you are doing it wrong. Forced writings can be read across as insincere and patronising. You’ll make silly spelling mistakes. Your sentence structures will be awkward. Most importantly, your content looks rushed.


Clear The Block

These are the things I do to clear my writer’s block. I’m not sure if it works for you however, there’s no harm trying. You might share the same cure as me!

  1. Play with my baby / cats
  2. Take a stroll around the house
  3. Get me out of the house
  4. Try writing in different parts of the house i.e. Kitchen, patio and yes, toilet
  5. Take a 15 minutes nap
  6. Do laundry and ironing
  7. Call someone random for a chat
  8. Read a book, newspaper, Facebook, anything
  9. Go for a swim (swimming always clear my head without fail)
  10. Eat something sweet
  11. Smell something nice like my baby’s booties or my favourite perfume
  12. Sing on top of your voice and dance like there’s no tomorrow

So do you have writer’s block? What are your tips to clear them?
Share with us your trade secret right in the comments below.
Shhh… we’ll never tell.

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16 replies on “I Have Writer’s Block Too!

  1. ‘So if you are forcing it just to meet the deadline, you are doing it wrong.’ So agree with this line. For me, if I don’t want to write, I won’t write and will do something else and come back later. Writing for a client has always been challenging for me, and I always do want to put my best writing forward. When I don’t feel like it, I try to ask myself why I took up the writing project in the first place and then take it from there – usually that helps me get going. And in future, that makes me mindful of what I choose to write about. Because after all, what we write and how we approach it is a reflection of ourselves.

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    1. We are very similar. I won’t take a writing assignment if in the first place, I’m not at least a bit interested in the topic. Can’t tell me what I need to write, I’ve got to feel it in my bones to let the words flow. Sometimes, writing for a living you hardly have much say in that.

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  2. I will usually just walk away, go into another room, strat doing something completely different. Often times this was joggle a tid bit of something that needs to be vented from my belfry. and I will come up with a story not so much out of the blue, but out of the dull Gray of the mood I was in just a few moments earlier. There are some days when I completely lockout blogging this is something new, I have just started and I’m not quite sure that I agree with it. I feel like I should be putting something into my blog on a daily basis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way as you do! To put in something in the blog daily. However, if it’s a rushed piece, I know I won’t be pleased with it. I hate it when someone read something that I am not proud of.


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