Time is a challenging enemy for many bloggers nowadays, especially if they are juggling it with their work, family life and other commitments. As a result, they often leave their blogs idle and lose their reader count in the process.

I have seen plenty of awesome blogs, slowly dies off because the writer enters a new phase in his or her life. The writer becomes overwhelmed with the new situation, tries to either pause blogging for a while or reduce the amount of posts he published. Days turns into weeks into months and after a long break, you may have already lost half of your followers. It doesn’t seem worth it to continue the existing one anymore especially if you have to work extra hard to gain back the readers that you have lost.

If you are one of these bloggers, you are not alone. But, if you want to help your blog stay relevant and keep people interested, here are 5 top tips you can do:

Sort out your priorities

If you want to save some time to blog, you need to work out on your priorities. Sit down and ask yourself how you are spending your time.

Are the things you are doing keeping you productive or are they affecting your work?
What things do you want to do most of all and how much time can you allot on them?

If you think there are things you are doing that you could change, change it and you will see how much time will open up for you for blogging.

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Think about your blog goals

While you think about your priorities, it is time to think about your blog goals. There’s a lot you can do for blogging and you need to be very specific about what kind of blog you want to make for yourself and your readers. Once you determine your blog goals, ask yourself how you can achieve them.

Allot some time for ideas

Some bloggers often waste their time thinking about blog post ideas, especially if they find the right moment to do it. However, this can be very dangerous because the blog post may look rushed or lacking.

Whenever you feel inspired or ideas just suddenly popped into your mind, note it down on your mobile. Doing this will also help you blog more easier and help the ideas flow evenly.

Slow blogging

It is a common for bloggers to keep posting in order to keep their traffic going. But, this can cause burn outs and writer’s block. Don’t hesitate to practice slow blogging or posting when you have a great idea that you built up for your readers to enjoy.

Alternatively, blog in advance. I often do that whenever I have a longer break like when I take a vacation. I will try to complete at least two articles per day when I am traveling. My mind is relaxed and I don’t have much distractions – these are the best time to blog.

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Always have a break

Bloggers and writers alike, should always give time for themselves and get a break when they can. This is good for one’s overall well-being. You will notice that you will become more productive as your mind is now able to think more clearly with some rest.


Blogging is a great way to express your ideas and show to viewers how you see the world. However, always give yourself time to think, prioritise and conceptualise the things you want to write about and not just press yourself to blog even if you are busy. You will be surprised to see how your blog can improve with these tips in your arsenal even if time is very limited.

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53 replies on “5 Top Tips for Busy Bloggers to Get the Most of Your Time

  1. Exactly going through this. Plus I did a terrible thing which caused me to repost more than half of my posts. And I haven’t written anything new since a month.

    Will be penning down all the post ideas, hopefully they reach me 🤭

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very Timely for Me, my friend Kally.

    Lately, I have been spending IMO, far to much time on my blog.

    Like all of my Public endeavors; my Blog too Is Christ orientated. Recently (several months) I have been attracting an younger audience; which has kept me motivated. But the amount of time invested (I’m quite slow) just doesn’t seem to me, to be prudent.

    Maybe I’m just pooping-out?

    Not sure what to do about it> Any suggestions?

    God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Patrick, start timing yourself when you work on your blog so you can better identify which parts are the ones you spent the most time on. Is it drafting? Or brainstorming ideas? Or editing? Or replying comments?

      Once you are able to identify the part, you can then ask yourself what are the obstacles that prevent you to reduce the time spent. Perhaps you can find short cuts or create automation in the part.

      Example: If editing takes up a lot of your time, you can download free program like Grammarly to help you to edit most of your work.


    1. Ah I do have the same problem too. I throw in a lot of ideas but sit on most of them while taking time to refine one or two. Currently, I have about 20 posts that are under draft.

      Liked by 2 people

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