Due to the rising work of LadyRedot.com and MiddleMe.net, I have no choice but to recruit freelance writers for LadyRedot’s travel articles.

As I interviewed some of the freelancers, I noticed that there is a great disparity between a writer and a blogger. Leave professionalism aside, I have encountered both noobs and experienced writers and bloggers. Many whom I realised that they don’t know the differences between these two: freelance writer and blogger. I’m no expert here but I’ve engaged enough clients and freelancers to perhaps throw some light to the differences.


As a freelance writer, you will probably write in different genres. The popular genres you will touch on are romance, mystery, adventure and mystical. However, there are other genres that widely sought after in the commercial market such as advert writing, IT articles, eCommerce descriptions, SEO write ups, rewording, thesis and biography. 

As a blogger, you will write about food, lifestyle, fashion but everything that concern about you and the things around you.

A freelance writer usually follows the market trends and demands of the clients. If the clients or the market dictates on SEO writes up that pays higher than IT articles, then usually more than often you will choose to take up on the project that pays more.

While a blogger, similarly as above point, will follow the trend of what is popular in the blogosphere. Maybe the latest gossip in the entertainment world or the newest mobile phone or even the hottest nail colour this winter.

To make yourself marketable as a freelance writer, you will have to pick up different kind of writing style in order to make yourself as attractive as possible to the different type of clients’ needs, namely Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative. Whereas as a blogger, your style is usually from a personal point of view, narrative and making it personal is what attracts readers to follow your blog.


As a paid freelance writer, your clients dictate the direction, the keywords even the style of writing of your complete work. It might be uneasy and you might even find it hard because you might not agree with the clients, however at the bottom line, they are the ones who is going to pay for your bread.

Depending on the trends, bloggers have more room to manoeuvre on the content they write or how they present themselves. Even the most niche stories will have its audience, the question is more likely how marketability is their blog and whether their post will go viral. More than just writing their heart’s desires, they have more to worry about as they monitor their traffic and conversion rates on their own.

For a freelance writer, the work you do is on a project basis. You tend to need to source and hunt for your own clients but that being said, if you are talented and good enough, word do spread. You might have clients who through word of mouth, come a-knocking on your door or clients who has seen and admire your published work.

As for a blogger, it all depends on your exposure rate on the internet and social media. It is about your searchability and viral content on your blog. It also helps if you are interactive with your audience, famous like the Kardashians and use multiple social media like Snapchat, Instagrams, Facebook and Twitter. Your value will be determined when sponsors and brands approach you to advertise and carry their products for them.


The possibility of earnings is endless for both freelance writers and bloggers.

For writers, think Harry Potter’s J. K. Rowling and 50 Shades of Grey’s E. L. James. For bloggers, think Pat Flynn who commands 150k monthly and of course, the bigger boys like TechCrunch, Mashable, Perez Hilton who does engage freelance writers for some of their content.

So do you have a better grasp of the differences? Are you a blogger or a writer? Or even a mix of both? Come and share your experiences with us below!

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37 replies on “Freelance Writer vs Blogger

  1. Very nice and so informative post. U have nicely written on both freelance and blogger explaining the difference Kally. I would also like to write short stories and also write what I am doing right now on blogging. You said that even bloggers can earn, so can you let me know how. It would be good so that we too can get kind of encouragement for our work.

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    1. Bloggers can earn through products and ads sponsorship. You’ll need to have enough readership to get the companies interested to engage you. A good number to start would be a daily of at least 1000 unique visits.

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  2. Hey Kally!
    Hope you two are doing well 😊I mostly write about things happening in routine life. people say I convey things interestingly. Is there anything for me?

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  3. Very well distinguished, Kally. I do think freelance writing and blogging can mix. For instance, some companies out there may want to content on fashion or style, topics that warrant a certain perspective – and at the same time they may want an educational tone too. For instance, they may want to tie this in with a new product or garment they are launching for the season – not only telling people why get it but also how to wear it. The Lifestyle section of many newspapers – in Australia, many big newspapers have sister-Lifestyle sites and they tend to get a number of freelancers or university students to pitch content here.

    I suppose if you are blogging for yourself, then you will have full control over your content. But blogging for another website, then perhaps not and in a way it might feel like freelancing.

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    1. Well said, Mabel. I guess I wanted to point out the distinctions between the two, like blogging is usually about certain products or services and the companies may indicate certain style of writing but not always, as long as it is positive. While freelancing writing is more of a assignment basis. Like you have pointed out, there are companies who mixed the both to reach out to different audiences. 🙂

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  4. I like the distinctions you make between the two. I got paid for a few China-related articles in the past, but haven’t written anything freelance for a while. This blog post makes me think about getting back into it…

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  5. Loved the post. Well, I started my writing journey as a freelance (accidental) writer in 2009. Although clients were loving my work I wasn’t confident enough in my skills and talent. However, a year later, I stepped into the world of blogging with movie reviews and moved on to various other topics. Since then, I have realized that there is a difference between a writer and a blogger because I am both. I write professionally for corporate clients and write blogs for myself. The points you covered are excellent so I have nothing more to add to it. Yes, with both you can make money, but I make more money through writing for clients, but I gradually want to change that and monetize my blog in the future.

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    1. Well written!! I think your blog has potential to be monetize especially now that India is an exotic location to visit. Many companies will want to bank on that. If your readership is good, try approaching tour agencies for a start because they are pretty big spenders on advertising.

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  6. The writer-teacher in me itches to point out problems with the English language, but I forbear…! You basically have it correct, except a goodly number of us blog “for free” (they put advertising on each post page–we are the guinea pigs–lab rats–for whatever the engineers and platform designers want to try next). I do—occasionally–rewrite the bios and artist statements for a friend who has very poor English. My point is that much of what you have said is very true…except some of we bloggers have an independent streak if we don’t rely on our blogging for revenue! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! –Jonathan Caswell, Poet, M.S.E.

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    1. Thank you, Jonathan for your input! Yes, there are a great number of talented writers who write because it is their passion not for revenue (bless them!), many of them like your blog inspire me. So keep up the writings!!! 👍🏻


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