10 Writing Jobs That Pays For Real

Many people tend to believe that writers cannot flourish in their chosen career because there are no good jobs that would give them a good pay and experience. However, writers are now becoming in demand for many industries such as technology, public relations, advertising and entertainment due to the written content they need for their products and services.

Unfortunately, just like any career, it is crucial for writers to know exactly what type of writing job they can pursue. For new writers, this can be a difficult situation to start with, especially if they do not have a writing speciality to help them narrow their choices.

To help new writers understand what kind of jobs is available to them, here are 10 writing jobs that pay writers for real:

  1. Speechwriter

For many individuals who are required to speak in front of the crowd – may they be politicians or celebrities, creating a speech on their own can be a challenge. Speechwriters are tasked to write speeches that talk about the topic or theme directly and captivate the listeners at the same time.

Ideally, speechwriters should have a degree in political science, communications, history or journalism since they may need to incorporate current and historical events.


  1. Technical writer

Technical writers are the writers who make complicated English terms and phrases into simple and understandable English. They are the ones who create user guides, software documentation and other complicated documents.

Technical writers are also the ones who take out the crucial information from software developers and professionals so it is essential they have good interpersonal skills to work with.

  1. Screenwriter

Before a Hollywood movie becomes a blockbuster, a screenwriter is the one that makes it possible to show how certain characters move and develop throughout the story and how the story will go on throughout the movie. Screenwriters can adapt novels and turn it to movie blockbusters or create a movie based on what they know.

Screenwriters must be familiar with how a screenplay works and develop the characters that would make the show or movie click with their interesting dialogues. Screenwriters must also be good with revisions and open to criticism because you are going to work on the next Hollywood blockbuster.

  1. Columnist

If you are up-to-date with current events and have strong or reasoned opinions on how these events would affect the people, being a columnist can be your career choice. As a columnist, you are required to provide another look at these events and determine how these events will change history. For columnists to flourish in this industry, they must have several years of experience on your chosen niche.


  1. Public relations specialist

Honing relationships between people is a mark of a good public relations specialist. You must be able to keep in touch with a lot of people and be on good terms with them to help you manage your company’s image. If you are able to write a message that would catch the hearts of your company’s market easily, you will be able to flourish in this industry.

  1. Marketing communications specialist

Communications officers or specialists are the ones that help companies market their products, services and events properly by releasing e-books, press releases and annual reports. You must be able to write content that matches the voice of the company and follow the company’s branding structure.

It is ideal that you are familiar with business and marketing jargon, as well as communications techniques to make it big as a marketing communications specialist.

  1. Grant writer

Grant writers are the ones who make the proposals that would get foundations, agencies and organizations the financial support they need to support their programs and operations. They are also the ones who determine where the organization can get funding and develop the right written material that would get these donors’ support. Considering this fact, grant writers must be flexible when it comes to how they write.

  1. Advertising copywriter

For products and services to become memorable, their advertising should be perfect. Advertising copywriters are the ones who write the scripts and details of these products and services and make the people want to buy or pay for them. You should be able to write scripts, ads, and slogans that are striking in just a few words.


  1. Video game writer

Video games require a script that would match a player’s choices since it will determine how the story would go. The script must also reflect how the characters will change because of these choices and write the proper scenes and dialogue to match it.

As a video game writer, you will be tasked to work alongside the game developers, animators and voice actors to create the right script that would surely captivate the players and still go within the budget.

  1. Journalist

If you wish to work on TV, print, internet or radio, a journalist is a good writing career to start on. As a budding journalist, you will be tasked with researching interesting information and transform them into articles, scripts and reports.

As you move on to your career, you will be able to break through other niches that would grow into news headlines. Journalists are also on call once a news breaks out so you should be ok to a non-fixed schedule.


Writing is an industry that continues to develop depending on the niche it follows. These 10 jobs are just some of the niches that can be looked into and there are more out there just waiting to be explored. So, if you are considering a writing job, don’t fear because you have a lot of options available for your career!

So which writing career excite you? Do share with us in the comments below. You might not know but it may be a reality in future!

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