I absolutely love interactions from my readers. So, I try to fulfil their requests from time to time. Simon, a talented writer himself, inspired me to research and write a list of jobs for fitness lovers like himself.

When you think about fitness careers, many of us will immediately think that the only work available for us is to become a gym instructor. However, there’s much more to the fitness industry that meets the eye and there are different careers that will help you pursue your love for fitness and health.

To get you started, here are 10 of the best fitness jobs you may want to consider:

Recreational Therapist

As a recreational therapist, you are the one in charge of helping patients who are disabled, sick, or injured by providing them with physical therapy exercises to regain their physical strength. Some of these patients may have been involved in accidents, which rendered them unable to move their body properly.


Exercise is just one part of staying healthy. An individual also needs to have a well-thought-out diet that will keep their body strong, and that is where dietitians can help you with. As a dietitian, you can help people choose the proper diet that will match their body type and health goals. Your role also extends to guiding and helping your clients keep up with their chosen diet.


Coaches play a big impact on a team. If you plan to become a coach, your role is to primarily to teach your team the right skills to stay fit and the right techniques to succeed in the sport. Setting a time for practice and being strict with the schedule will help your team to improve. Also, uplifting and supporting the team’s morale is also part of the job.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are not just there to help people to feel well and relax. They also help injured people to get treated correctly. If you choose to be a massage therapist, you will learn the correct techniques and provide the appropriate therapy for the target affected muscles of your patients. The goal of this job is to make your patient relieved from their chronic pain that might have come from their injuries, and help them to recuperate faster.

Fitness Tech Engineer

If you have a background in biomechanics or engineering, you may want to consider becoming a fitness tech engineer. As a fitness tech engineer, you will be in charge in finding the right solutions to issues such as sore muscles after working out, hard to use gym equipment, and even stinky workout accessories, that most fitness enthusiasts face at one time of their lives. You will use your knowledge to innovate and introduce new products that can improve fitness for everyone.

Professor of Kinesiology

Another interesting fitness job you may consider is to be a professor of kinesiology. In-depth studying of human’s physical activities will help you understand how our bodies can be affected, strengthen, and improved through specific body movements. Your role is to teach students about the physics behind these movements which include various aspects such as sports and exercise.

Fitness Model

As a fitness model, you will be the face of fitness. This job will require a lot of discipline as it can be highly competitive. You can work with talent agencies who can link you up to fitness modelling jobs where you will showcase your fit body. Promoting and modelling for products that can help people stay fit can also be part of the job.

Fitness Magazine Editor-in-chief

If you have a talent in writing, you may want to consider working for a fitness magazine. You can share your love for fitness by writing fitness-related articles. Rise the ranks with your hard work and eventually be the magazine’s editor-in-chief. It may take a while, but you can use your position to help raise more awareness and updates about fitness.

Fitness Influencer

With everyone stuck at home, it is easy to put on extra weight. Fitness Influencers inspire followers who want to keep fit even at their own homes. Vlogging and blogging are some of the methods that you can monetize just by sharing a simple exercise on the internet. You can stand out in this realm by finding out your niche in the fitness genre. Engage your audience by designing a simple routine that maybe even toddlers can follow, or formulating an extreme 30 mins routine that burns up lots of calories.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Okay, this is not in the gym, but I couldn’t help it since this is my latest hobby. Imagine the sea as both your playground and workplace, incredible right? Unfortunately, not all can move and live near the beach so I don’t think this career path is for me as I can’t always be away to teach. However, if you love the beach and the sea, and you love teaching and meeting new people, then this could be a satisfying career. You can even get all your qualifications sponsored and be able to start teaching as a scuba diving instructor within a year if you choose to work with dive centres.


The world of fitness is very diverse and there’s a lot of things you can do in this field. Being a gym trainer is just one of the many possible careers out there. The 10 jobs I mentioned above are just some of the few careers that you can try out for and if you go for one of these jobs, make sure to work hard and keep doing your best. As you progress with your chosen career, you will be able to find more about fitness and advocate it more to the people who are still skeptical about it.

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27 replies on “10 Best Fitness Jobs for All You Fitness Fanatics

  1. I don’t suppose you could find out about family-like communities in Europe that will accept US citizens as permanent residents, where the members live together, eat together, work together, like family, like say, in a convent or in a commune, but without the religious part? (I’ve been looking for this: essentially a secular convent, for years with no luck…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, unfortunately my specialisation doesn’t lie in this area. I believe such communities (if exist in the locale you want to live in) will be through word-of-mouth with the locals, rather than found on Google. I wish you luck in finding that!

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  2. Thank you Kally 😍 So kind of you to mention me 🤗💐 and this is exciting, I had known very few of these. And thanks to you for letting us know the kinds of careers we can choose in our favourite fields 😍👍 This is a helpful post 🤗🤗 Have a lovely day Kally ☺️

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      1. “Retirement does not mean that you stay in bed all day and watch television all day.” WHAT!? I thought THAT was what retirement was all about! :-))))
        Not really, I am keeping busy with some small repair and install jobs (used to build houses) and I edit my bride’s paper and exams. Oh, and I slooowly blog. 😉
        Thanx for the excellent ideas, with more excuses to NOT clean my basement 😀

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Too expensive tools to sell at a garage sale discount. Would rather give them to some younger friends up and coming in the design/building trades or to church operations who could use them.
            But Marie Kondo? Definitely NEED her advice on how to begin! Over 20 years of construction materials and tools!! :-O
            I’ll be certain to blog on it once it happens. 😉

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          2. Oh wow! That will be some collection! I think you can loan them out to those who needs it but can’t afford to purchase it. You can charge a small rental fee with a refundable deposit if they return the tool in good shape.


  3. I have been on fitness lately due to what lockdown has presented to me. Though it has not been easy but have managed to keep up to it. I like the post

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