Some people believe that it is very hard to start a career in fashion because of the limited career options it has and the level of expectations you have to match.

Not true! Contrary to popular believe, the fashion industry has a lot of great careers! So besides being a model or a designer, there are plenty of career paths in fashion. If you find yourself subscribing to all the fashion magazines, dressing up your Chihuahua and giving fashion advice to your grandpa, here are 10 jobs you can check out:


Fashion buyers are an important part of every fashion boutiques because they are the ones who keep the shop stocked with clothes and accessories.

A detailed eye and a crystal ball, a buyer has to know what are the latest trends and what their customers want to buy before they are certain they want to buy it.

They are also the ones who reach out to suppliers to recreate high-fashion clothes into affordable clothing.

Design Assistant

Behind every fashion designer is a design assistant who helps them sew their creations to life. They handle pattern work, attending trade shows, sorting out the studio and many others.

If they are able to show their dedication to the craft, they may be promoted in the atelier. But you need to be a superman or superwoman with super patience to do this job well.

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Fashion Journalist / Blogger

Fashion journalists or bloggers are the ones who cover what is the latest happenings in the fashion industry.

They cover fashion events, runway shows and even interview famous names and newcomers in the industry. You may have heard of their names before like Chiara Ferragni and Gianluca Vacchi.


Patternmakers are the brilliant minds who are able to translate 2D designs and make it a 3D reality.

They also ensure that sewers don’t spend a lot of fabric in creating patterns by building a system that will help them do it efficiently.

Using a bad pattern draft will cost thousands of dollars to correct and it will also be a flop when you sell it to your customers.

Production Manager

To ensure that everything is running smoothly, production managers are the ones who reach out to suppliers and sellers to ensure the product can be finished and delivered to shops.

They are also the ones in charge of quality checks and ensure that labor standards are followed.

Personal assistant

As a personal assistant to the models or a fashion editor-in-chief, you are the one that handles their schedules, activities and even helps them prepare for events.

You may even be asked to run errands for them because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. This position is almost the same as Design Assistant, just different in who they work for and their roles surrounding the person they assist.

Visual Merchandiser

To make sure that people go to stores and check what fashion brands have to offer, visual merchandisers are the ones tasked to style store fronts and emphasise what the store is offering.

They will also be the ones to work on the displays and ensure customers come back for more.

Fashion Photographer

In fashion photography, photographers with an eye for detail and present clothes and models in a new way will definitely move up in the industry.

Some may even find their photos in ad campaigns and magazines. Famous photographers are Harley Weir, Mario Testino and Julia Hetta. The ones who are really good command six to seven figures a year.

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If you have a talent for art, and enjoy using products like to create images, you may want to try out being a fashion illustrator. They ensure that sketches can be translated to realistic images and modify them accordingly. 

Talented illustrators will find themselves headhunted by Disney, Pixel and Dreamworks. Who knows, years down the road, you may be part of the team that recreates Snow White or Sleeping Beauty or Toy Story 5 or Cars 4 (you get the drift, pun intended).

I did an interview with an illustrator, check it out here: Drawing Up A Storm With An Illustrator

Trend Forecaster

If you know what is going to be hot next season, you may want to consider being a trend forecaster. You will mostly be researching about the next big hit and analyse customer preferences.

However, it is a big risk if you don’t know your fashion trends very well and may swing the other way. Likewise, if you are the only one in the fashion world who predicted neon fishnet stockings to be the next “in” thing in 2021 and got it right, you’ll be famous!


Like other industries out there, the fashion industry has a lot to offer to job seekers hoping to build a career in the industry. Let these 10 jobs I listed down help you get a step inside this beautiful world and help you make a name for yourself in the industry.

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    1. Yeah, you might be right but hopefully, our lives can somewhat be back to some kind of normalcy so that retail won’t start crumbling down. Already Esprit and Zara are closing some of their stores un Asia.

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  1. There is a very large group of folks who would “die” for the latest Fashions. (Pride is a POWERFUL allay of fashion..). NO!!!!!! I’m not saying Fashion is a bad thing; its a GREAT thing. But it is never the less pride that drives it for most people.

    Another GREAT POST Kally, Thanks

    As a very young man; I held dreams about being a fashion-photographer. One HAS to be tutored which required a 2 year NO-PAY commitment…. and I just was unable to not eat for two years. (DARN! I HATE it when that happens).

    Thanks and God Bless,


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