I have done different types of colleagues and bosses. Today, let’s delve into someone close to heart, the person who holds the key to your boss’s. The Very Important Person in your company (other than the Head of HR, of course) is the Personal Assistant or Secretary of your boss.

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Ms All Important
She has the power and she knows it. She’ll make you beg to take her out to lunch so that she’ll squeeze you in the next appointment with your boss. She can make sure your expense claims ‘accidentally’ got lost in all that paperwork if you forgot to greet her in the morning.


Ms Sooty
She never smiles. In fact, you doubt she does not have a single tooth because you have never seen her open her mouth at all. She only grimaces when she is pleased with you or glares at you when she is pissed. If you asked a question, she will only nod or shake her head.


Ms James Bond
She wants to know everything about you even the name of your grandmother’s cat. You wonder if she is genuinely interested in you until your colleagues tell you that she is the informant for the boss and everything you tell her will be reported back to him.  


Ms Gossip
Like the gossipy colleagues, she will divulge anything except her gossips are a tad too dangerous and inappropriate. She will tell everyone within earshot that her boss just sent a dozen of roses to his Mistress No.3 or he did not go home last night to spend it with Mistress No.4. Or Ryan from accounting is getting fired soon because her boss asked her to contact the HR to prep the paperwork.


Ms Bitter
She will bitch just about everyone and anyone but her target is usually the boss sitting behind her. When you asked her if he is free to meet you, she will probably reply with a “That jerk will never be free for you since you don’t wear a skirt. Why don’t he just shrivel and die?”


Ms Carpet
She let everybody walked all over her, you cringe every time your boss screamed at her (so loud it reaches your desk across the hallway) and at the end of the day, you’ll either find her sobbing at her desk or in the pantry washing her boss’s coffee cup. She will tell you she will quit the very first thing she finds a new job, the only problem is that she has been repeating the same promise for over 3 years now.

Does anyone sound like your office secretary? Do you have any more characteristics to share? Join us in the comments below!

8 replies on “Different Type of Secretaries and Personal Assistants

  1. Though I can’t relate to secretaries, since I don’t work yet, this would totally describe a lot of adults (and teens!) I know. Lovely list-type post!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. PA’s may be good or bad for some. But in my company, there is no concept of PA. If I want to talk to my manager or head of department, all I have to do is to just walk over to their cubicle. I can even talk my COO directly but not without dropping an email first.


  3. Hahaha! Me? Little one? Do I sound like any? Maybe like all but? Not no more. That’s the beauty in my,

    Dysfunctional Mother In A Dysfunctional Family

    The Book to enthrall your mind & heart from beginning to end. Will hit the market in the middle of July. Be prepared! Buy it.

    Kally, I miss you. Where u be? Have not heard from u anymore … woohoo. 🙂 Hope my comments are not hitting the trash bin.


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