Guest Post: Building a Writing Portfolio

Time for a good guest post! Very often, I stumbled across good posts in WordPress and I kept nodding to myself, impressed that the article is so good that I need to share. This post by Dalen Flynn is really awesome and I think you should check it out. Enjoy! Whether you write novels, novellas,…

Guest Post: Is it self-discipline or self-love a writer needs?

Exploring gems on WordPress is one of my favourite activity to do. This is one of those times that I stumbled upon a good read. Thank you, Janet for being so generous to share this great post with us. If you like what you’ve read below, please do pop by her blog for more great…

SEO Content Writing Tips that Every Writer Must Practice

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important marketing strategy for businesses today. It allows content to be found by users online despite the similar content which may also appear in Google search engine results. However, many businesses are unable to grasp SEO completely because they do not have a strong strategy to work with….

10 Writing Jobs That Pays For Real

Many people tend to believe that writers cannot flourish in their chosen career because there are no good jobs that would give them a good pay and experience. However, writers are now becoming in demand for many industries such as technology, public relations, advertising and entertainment due to the written content they need for their…

Writing To Get The Point Across (Or In The Face)

Many times, we blog over our feelings and quirky incidents that happens day by day. Our words flow off our fingers (or thumbs in my case since I write on my iPhone) like melted ice cream off the waffle cone.

Don’t Forget Freelancing Is About You

There are plenty of reasons why someone would choose to freelance instead of doing the traditional job route – you know, the 9-to-6, Monday to Friday jobs.