It can be tough to break into the blogging market if you want to become a professional blogger, as numerous websites have the same niche. You will have to work hard and showcase a different perspective on your site than other blogs in order to stand out. Some of these sites even have quite a considerable following that may cause you to wonder how readers can see what your blog has to offer.

If you are considering entering into the blogging industry, you must know the various niches you can venture into. Below each niche topic, you can find the links of the corresponding top blog sites that you can check, so you can learn from them how to make a profit online:

Health and Fitness

Out of all the popular niches nowadays, health and fitness take the cake. With people now becoming more conscious about their health and wellness, there will be a lot of potential readers who will check your site. However, if you want your blog to stand out from other health and fitness sites, you need to show your target audience a unique content. You can look for specific and crucial topics, which are not yet covered by other blogs, and put some personal touch on them. For example, if you want to focus on diets, you can pick the diet you are currently following and expound on it in details.


Each of us would benefit from any financial tips that would allow us to save money and maximise our budget. As the health and fitness niches, there are also many financial blogs online that have a high following, so you will need to pick a certain angle to catch people’s attention. To make your blog unique, you can share your financial stories like the time you are working to pay a debt or saving up money for a specific purpose.


Fashion blogs are also a popular niche, especially if you love Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can do several angles to earn money from it, like fashion photography or fashion trend blogs for men or women. In fact, some of the top fashion bloggers, like Alexa Chung, Gabi Gregg, and Chiara Ferragni, became famous because of their blogs, and they get invited to prestigious fashion events like Fashion Week or Vogue photoshoots.


Almost every month, there is a new food trend that people would want to try out. You can get a tremendous amount of traffic for any food-related topics, especially those that demonstrate new ways to cook specific recipes. Experts have pointed out that you will earn more points if you specialise in a particular type of cuisine or diet.


You definitely will be able to earn some money by blogging about blogging. Many people will find blogging the next big thing to embark on as most of them are now working from home. Newbies will surely look for guides on how to become successful in the field. So, if you create a blogging guide that is easy to follow, it can draw attention to your content, and consequently, you will get the traffic you need for your site to earn money.


Understanding the available and popular niches can help you keep your site relevant to everyone. However, you need to know which niche topic will perfectly work for you and find the right angle to make your site unique. Although there are numerous niches out there that you can try, the most popular ones can help you jumpstart your blogging career and start earning money online.

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32 replies on “Top Blogging Niches That Will Make Money

  1. Personal finance catches my mind. I want to write about it to know it better. Finance management is important than financial earnings.
    We can build better relations with the people around us, having like-minded ideas.
    Can you write a post on ethics and security in blogging?

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    1. Good that you have a goal in mind to write. Financial management is certainly a popular niche and not easy to write.
      What would you like to read on ethics & security in blogging? That’s kinda wide topic.

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      1. So security is mandatory. WordPress sites and blogging has several security issues.
        1. Technical security
        2. Personal security

        However, you can always write a post on Ethics in blogging. We do not need to be a completely idealistic person. Ethics helps our behaviour and relationship with our team, readers and other bloggers.

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  2. Hi, dear!!
    Thank you so much for including me on the list. I can´t think of a better way to start a week 🙂
    You already know you´re my favorite blogger in the world, don´t you?
    Hugs and my best wishes.

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  3. Thank you for another great posting, with very good tips, Kally! The image with the photografed food makes me smile. I remembers me on a quote from a friend: “Now i am old enough, and allowed to photograph my dish!” Lol However its always wonderful getting tips, for better arranging the dishes, until its only political correct eating sunstainable products. Have a good week! Michael

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