Blogging is a very stable industry that many people are now looking into to earn money, especially for those who work remotely. There are many blogs online discussing various topics, and most of them have high traction and following. 

If you are considering creating a blog, you need to have a niche to focus on as it influences and changes the direction of how your blog works.

In this article, I listed down some of the benefits of having a niche for your blog and I cannot emphasis this enough why having a niche is necessary if you want to turn your blog into a passive income tool one day.

Helps Create A Loyal Audience

Blog readers go to blogs regularly if the content they read is engaging and consistent. If they see that your blog entries are all over the place, they may only check your blog once and not revisit it. Having a niche will help you establish a loyal following who will continuously go to your blog and engage with the content you offer. 

Transforms You to Become an Expert

Since you will be writing about one topic, you will come to a point where you know your niche inside out. Your readers will notice this and trust you like an expert in the subject. They would then share your blog entries on social media through mentions and backlinks and eventually improving your credibility immensely. 

Makes Writing A Content Easier

Many bloggers who do not have a niche topic tend to burnout because they can’t think of new ideas for their content. There will also be times that your blog will become inactive because you have no more topics to write on. However, if you have a niche, you won’t have problems finding new ideas to get consistently engaged with your readers.

Monetises Your Blog Faster

Monetising through affiliate marketing or AdSense is the usual route of most bloggers to drive profit into their blogs. However, it is not always a guarantee that you will get money from it. Readers tend to shy away from sites with too many ads because these can disrupt their reading time.

If you have a niche for your blog, you can establish it better, gain sponsors, and make money your way. That way, you do not need to rely anymore on random ads that don’t really show the products you use.

Gives You a Good SEO Ranking

You can get plus points for SEO ranking if you have a niche blog. Search engines prefer showing these blogs in search results because they are more original than lifestyle blogs. Niche blogs are personalised, and they tend to have more information about critical topics that are not available in lifestyle blogs. Moreover, lifestyle blogs are pretty hard to work with if you link certain sites to it.


As a budding blogger, you definitely will be able to break into the industry if you have a niche that you can concentrate on to rake in those followers. Look up some niche topics that you can consider and check out those that capture your interest. Once you have determined your niche, you are all set to start your very own blog! 

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12 replies on “What are The Advantages of Having a Blog Niche

  1. ” If they see that your blog entries are all over the place, they may only check your blog once and not revisit it.”
    It seems to have worked for me.
    Also, I’ve noticed that one-subject blogs are more likely to run out of steam after a few years.

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  2. Running out of ideas/topics is fortunately not an issue for me. Even within the focus topic I’ve chosen. However, regularly collaborate and have other Beautiful Souls contribute (like you, dear friend) could also be beneficial for organic growth of your blog. XxX

    Liked by 1 person

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