When starting a career as an affiliate marketer, you have to choose a product to promote that matches your niche. Like if your niche is fashion, the products you can promote for affiliate sales can be clothes, shoes, and accessories while if your market is related to beauty, you can promote skincare, makeup, and other similar products.

However, if your niche is already filled with known affiliate marketers, how can you promote your affiliate products and make your potential audience purchase from your link?

Here are 5 of the best working tips you can do to promote your affiliate links and attract more potential clients:

#1 Review

If you want to sell a product, you need to give it a very thorough but easy to understand review that will attract people to buy it. The perfect review must be honest and trustworthy. Also, it should reflect your personal experience upon using the product. Potential buyers will also want a detailed review with all the information that they will need as this will be helpful and useful for their decision-making to purchase the product.

When writing a product review, make sure to use star ratings to get more people to check on your post. You can get these star ratings displayed in search engines by using plug-ins for your blog platform.

#2 Use Post Promotion

You can’t just review something and not promote the review post to people. In this case, your post should be designed to target certain users who are still deciding about the product. Your post should also have keywords that will be registered in search engines like “Best Product X”, “Must Try Product” and so on.

Creating how-to articles can help you when it comes to promoting your products. These articles often get high results on search engines and bring more visitors to your site.

#3 Coupon-filled Posts

Aside from reviews and how-to articles, you can make a big impression for your affiliate products by combining them with discount coupons. Whenever potential customers see a product with coupon deals, they usually click and see these discounts as they can save money and benefit from it. This is why coupon websites, such as Raise (continue to their website here), are very popular. Everyone likes to save money on their purchases. 

Remember that if you want your sales to increase, your promotional posts should always encourage customers to use your link and code or else the sale won’t work.

If you will take this route, do not forget to update your coupon codes list to prevent errors and losses.

#4 Feature a Post

No matter what kind of post you will create, these posts should rake in views. Aside from using SEO, you can give your post some extra attention by featuring them on top of your website or making them a featured post.

WordPress has this option that allows users to pin a specific post on top of their blogs. If you are not using WordPress, there are available plug-ins that allow this feature for other blog platforms.

#5 Use Banners

When you are starting to notice that there’s an increase in traffic on your blog, you can now use banners to promote your affiliate products. However, when doing this method, you must make sure that your banners will not overwhelm your site and your visitors. You should also place them in appropriate areas where your readers can notice it instantly so they can be informed which products are being featured.

If you don’t like banners, as not many people are a fan of them, try to have pop-up messages instead. Usually, a pop-up message works better for most websites as long as they don’t keep popping up and distracting your audience.


Affiliate marketing requires a lot of trial and error to find the right strategy that works for your niche and style. With these working tips, I’m sure that you can get your affiliate products to drive in tons of sales once you figured out how to blend these techniques with your unique brand.

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36 replies on “5 Working Tips to Promote Affiliate Products

  1. And, what does someone do it they want others to represent their work as an affiliate? For example, how would I go about finding people to promote my work as affiliates so they could promote, increase profit, and share in the wealth?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. First, you find blogs that are centred around your niche/ product/ services in your local area then branch out from there. You can search via WordPress Reader or just google. Then you email them with affiliation offers. Be prepared to have a few affiliation tiers like what’s in exchange for a guest post, or a link, or a instastory. Once you get comfy, start branching out to the rest of the country, to the world.

      Hope these tips helps.

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  2. Wow! This has been explained so clearly and in an easy to understand way.
    You must be your Managers’ delight and fulfilling the “Exceedingly exceeds Expectations” rating criteria each year 🙂 !!

    Liked by 1 person

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