Are you planning to start a blog but don’t know what to write? If yes, fret not as there are many great topics that you can choose as your niche. 

However, if you want your blog to be profitable, you need to identify a specific segment and subject that can help you make more money.

To help you start monetising your blog, here are some tips on choosing a blogging niche that will bring in an income:

Find Out the Topics You Are Interested In

The first rule of thumb when building a blog is identifying the subjects that you are passionate about. While there is no problem in selecting a topic that you are not interested in, having a niche blog that you like makes it so much easier to build the right content.

It will also help bring in readers to your blog and make monetising easier. The more passionate you are about a specific topic, the more readers will become curious about your thoughts. For instance, if you are a keen gamer, you could focus your blog on gaming and online games that pay you. This would ensure your blog is niche and would potentially help readers to make money from playing online games, whilst you make money from your blog. That’s a win all around!

Know the Level of Knowledge You Have on a Topic

Once you’ve identified the topics you are interested in, it is now time to determine if you have a mastery of the subject matter. You can do a lot of research on some topics and make excellent informative content, but there will be times that you need to share some personal experience with the subject in question.

For example, if you want to write about making a profitable blog, you need to know what to discuss and show your results. It may not be hard to fake it, but readers may be able to spot it.  

Pick a Niche

If you’ve selected a general topic, you can look into it closely and see if there are specific topics that are not yet covered and discussed by other bloggers.

For example, if you will cover online gaming, you can look into writing about games which are not too loud and noisy but are pretty good and engaging.

You can also scroll the comments from known websites to see which topics the readers are looking for. If you see any, take note of them and check if you can write about them. 

Identify Where You Want to Promote

It is not easy to rely only on search engines to drive traffic to your site, and it can also take a long time to even rank high on them. If you want people to see your site and bring in a profit, you will need to consider where to promote your site.

Social media is the best resource to do this, but you need to know which platforms can help your blog gain traction. Make sure to do your research, find the best social media sites to promote your niche blog, and learn how to maximise them.

Know If Your Niche is Profitable

You need to know that each niche blog is different. There may be niches that are good but do not gain enough profit, while others may have a small following but have a high potential to drive in some income.

Check online and do your research about specific subjects and niche blogs that make a lot of money and work from there.


Once you identify your niche, you can now start writing content to let your readers see your thoughts about the different topics related to it. Make sure to stay consistent with your niche and have a regular update schedule for your blog. You will need to be patient when it comes to driving traffic because this will trickle slowly.

Nevertheless, once your target audience sees how unique your site is, you will see those numbers grow, and your blog will become successful.

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