10 Tips to Balance Your Career and Motherhood

Have you recently given birth and hoping to find ways to make your return to your career? If your answer is yes, you may feel conflicted with the roles you now carry because you now have to juggle motherhood and your career. On the one hand, going back to your job can bring in the…

10 Best Remote Jobs for Extroverts

Are you someone who loves to be with people, interact with them and not be afraid to speak in front of a crowd? If that is a yes, you may be wondering what kind of jobs are available for extroverts like you, especially now that the pandemic is disabling many from going out and interacting…

8 Tips for Reentering the Workforce After a Long Absence

Some people may opt to leave their career for a certain amount of time for various reasons. For example, some may take a break to take care of their loved ones or recover from a medical ailment, and others may wish to take on a new challenge, while a few may use the time to…

I Mumble In My Sleep

Last night, my hubby finally told me that I have been mumbling in my sleep. His statement was “You are a stay home mom, why are you so stressed out that you mumbled in your sleep?” The thing is that I am not stressed out. In fact, I never felt so invigorating in my life.

Motherhood Will Never Be An Easy Job

Motherhood may be a dream job for many but it definitely not an easy job. I dare say the toughest job in the whole world, more difficult than any other worst jobs out there.

A Letter To A Stay-At-Home Mom

Dear Stay-at-home mommy, Thank you for all the sacrifices you made when you thought nobody is looking. You put your career and dreams on hold so that you can nurture your little one so that he or she can be a better person.