I don’t know if it is common in your country but sexual harassment is extremely common in Asia, without the victims realizing that they are in danger of harassment. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? Wrong! It is wrong to ignore and avoid talking about sexual harassment in a workplace like many Asian companies do. Nobody likes to address it and if a victim approached their HR, usually it is either brush off as fiction or handled grotesquely and swept under the carpet.

A recent incident sparks my interest in this topic. A friend of mine was sexually harassed by a co-worker of hers and couldn’t approach anyone in the company for help. In the end, she broke down mentally and had to see a doctor before making a difficult ultimatum to resign from a job she loved. This isn’t fair, I know. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, regardless of gender.

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It happened to me too. This guy from my company loves to ‘accidentally’ bump and brush into female colleagues. Young, old in any shape or size. Even if you go your way out to avoid him in the corridors, he will find it in him to corner you one day. Yes, it’s disgusting. And yes, he was reported many times to several superiors and the HR. Because he is a really great sales person that brings in profits and he has been around the company since it started, the director is inclined to look the other way, blatantly ignore the fact that the victims are the female employees of his company. I didn’t stay in the company for long, not directly due to this incident but such culture from the company, you can’t expect much future it can give.

A good company will address sexual harassment head on without shying away from awkward moments and will continue to do so with each of its employees individually and collectively. They make it easier for the staff to go to HR or their directive superior any kind of sensitive talk.

A good boss will be impartial, not siding the victim or the accused until an investigation is over. He or she will lend an empathy ear and advice accordingly and professionally together with HR without prejudice and personal opinions. The world has enough prejudice and bias without one more adding onto it.

A good co-worker will lend a listening supportive ear, keep his or her mouth shut and never add fuel to the fire or include their own point of views.


Lastly, a victim like you and me should never keep our mouth shut. Barge down the doors of your management, bang on the doors of the HR, even consider seeking your own lawyer’s legal advice. Stand up and say no to sexual harassment at the workplace because an office should feel safe to work in. We have our own workload to battle with and not have someone creeping us out behind us.

Have you ever encounter a creep in office like I have? Get it off your chest and share in the comments below.

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13 replies on “Sexual Harassment at A Workplace

  1. I believe sexual harassment is a worldwide problem, with some countries — and companies — more in touch with the issue than others. At least today it is being addressed. Used to be, you put up and shut up. Great post, great reminder of what needs to be done.

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    1. Thank you, Belinda for looking at the positive side. I do hope that we are doing much more about raising awareness. To a lot others, sexual harassment means physical touching but it need not be this way to feel threaten.


  2. Yes its alive and well here in Australia. A lot of HR departments here also brush it aside as she said he said. We were told at work that no one was allowed to touch you anywhere except your elbow. If you reported something it was always implied that you were asking for it or your overreacting .

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    1. Ahhh… that’s so sad. Laws should protect the weak. The hr should see that sexual harassment or any kind of harassment makes a workplace dangerous and unhealthy in turn will affect productivity of the employees.

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  3. It’s important for women to learn a self-defence or two. Too bad for the guys if they choose to be my human sandbag coz I have really quick and unpredictable reflexes especially when startled. My slaps stings too 😛

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  4. Here in Brazil is also quite common. I’ve witnessed several times and I’ve been harassed a few times. Luckily I was able to solve the problem quickly by myself. It’s a very unpleasant situation.


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