How to Include Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

Have you done some volunteering in the past, or currently involved in one? If that is a yes, you can include your volunteer experience in your resume. It can show employers your key skills and see what passions you pursue outside of the workplace. But, how can you include your volunteer experience on your resume…

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Many people think that blogging is easy, and it simply involves writing an interesting article and keeping the site updated. However, creating and maintaining a blog is more than that. Blogging is a difficult art to practise, and even the best bloggers nowadays had to start from the bottom to get their blogs noticed before….

Guest Post: Have an attractive heading not a clickbait!

Readers and writers alike are familiar with the meaning of clickbait. Especially those articles with attention grabbing titles (normally found on social media like FaceBook), you click on it with the expectation that you will get the information related to the title and only to be frustrated and disappointed that it doesn’t match the title….

10 Most Common Ways to Make Money with Your Website

Everybody wants to make the hours spent on their websites generate finances as well as likes and smiles. It is not so daunting as it may seem at first glance. Is it possible to turn your personal blog into a website that drives profit for you? Yes, it is possible.