Once you get employed, the people you mostly spend your time with your co-workers. You are with them 5 to 6 days a week and to some, they are the second family to you.

With the holidays fast approaching, you need to get your gifts ready to show how much you value them. If you haven’t get your Christmas gifts ready for your coworkers and *grasp* your boss, now is the right time to shop for the presents before the Christmas shopping crowd get impossible.

If you want ideas on what you can give your colleagues for Christmas, here are some ideas you should try out:

#10 Desk organizer

Is your co-worker having problems keeping their desks sorted out or wants things in order?

Giving them a desk organizer is a way to go. There are a lot of desk organizer sets available that fit any style. Some of them even come with bonus desk stationery so your co-worker can coordinate their desk to match everything.

#9 Travel accessories

If you have a co-worker who loves to travel or gets asked to travel for business?

If that’s a yes, you should give them travel accessories to help them with their journey. These accessories are very affordable and you can even personalize them for your co-worker to enjoy.

Some popular travel accessories like packing cubes, travel door alarms, digital luggage scale and travel adapters.

#8 Speciality coffee

Coffee is the best friend of most workers and they can’t work well without it. As a great gift, why not give your co-worker specialty coffee beans to give their caffeine break a different twist? Coffee shops and cafes often sell gift sets featuring their special brews that are very affordable. Some companies even offer a subscription so that every month you get a coffee delivery containing your favourite blend, straight to your door!
Just make sure you don’t give coffee beans to a tea drinker like me.

#7 Spa treatment

Work can be very stressful and with the holidays coming, it’s a great way to unwind.

A good gift idea to give them for the holidays are spa gift cards. You can also give them their own DIY spa kits if they don’t have the time to visit the spa.

This is one of my favourite gifts to receive. If you do give spa gift cards, make sure that the expiry date doesn’t end in 2019.

#6 Breakfast Jar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and some of us tend to miss it because of work. Giving them one of these jars can help them prepare their breakfast easily and enjoy it when they get in their desk.

#5 Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

If a spa isn’t your co-worker’s cup of tea when it comes to relaxing, you may give them an old fashioned cocktail kit. They can pop it open when they managed to finish a very difficult task or project. Some kits can even make enough cocktails for 6 people or more.

#4 USB Coffee Mug Warmer

When your coworker just brewed their first cup of the day, it can become cold if they focus on their work.

Getting them a USB coffee mug warmer will definitely be appreciated so they can enjoy their cuppa as their work.

#3 Stainless Steel Flask

No more numerous trips to the pantry to fill up a cup of water or to make another cup of coffee when you can just fill a flask before you start work. Environment-loving colleagues will love this one as it is reusable than those one-time paper cups.

#2 A Set of Reusable Straws

This is a big one this year. In case, your colleagues haven’t got around using a reusable straw, it is time to remind them that a little effort to combat unnecessary wastage on plastics goes a long way. I’ll love to have a set this year for Christmas.. *hint hint*

#1 Stress Buster

Work is stressful but you can’t destress immediately. A good way to unwind is by getting a stress buster. You can give one to your co-worker this Christmas to help them with their stress.

In The End…

During the holidays, it doesn’t matter how much your gift is worth. The thought is what counts when you give someone a gift this holiday season. Don’t forget to write a sweet message for your colleague, thank them for their hard work and give them their good wishes for the upcoming year.

Remember, tis a season to be jolly.. so wipe clean off your grudges and prepare to do some giving and loving.

Anyone has better gift ideas? Please share with us in the comments below!

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37 replies on “10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Colleagues

  1. Stress buster would be perfect for your colleague because it will come handy at work even at home during Christmas because there will be that aunt or uncle working on your nerves…oh! Another thing our colleagues must understand that gift is something like a surprise so may they stop telling you what they want you to get for them.

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  2. Having spent years in a corporate environment, holidays pose a special problem: creativity, equality, and last but not least, cost. Avoid the particular trap of holiday gift giving by just not getting involved. If that is impossible and you must draw a name for the office gift exchange, then do so. However, do NOT spend an inordinate amount of time or money on the gift. Make a donation to a reputable charity in the person’s name and put a card recognizing your donation in an envelope for him or her. Personalize the donation by making it to a charity that will mean something to them, such as the American Cancer Society, if a close family member of the recipient has passed away from cancer recently. If not, make the donation to St. Jude’s or some local children’s charity. No one can complain about what you have done and no one will ask you to plan the next holiday event.

    If you feel obligated to purchase something for everyone on your team/staff, then do the same thing. Make a small donation in each of their names to a charity. Again, no one can complain. No one should feel shorted. And no one has a smelly candle on their desk or another monogrammed coffee cup.

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