Congratulations on your new job!

You have been hired to the job you wanted. Everything you worked hard for to get to this point has paid off. The excitement you are feeling is over the roof and you can’t wait to get to work. But, while the feeling of meeting new people and making the right impression is great, it can be stressful to think on how you can do it.

In fact, the bigger the company, the harder it is to make an impression on others. And if you don’t ride on the first few weeks as a newcomer, you will end up just a face swallowed by the crowd.

While some say it is important to be yourself when its your first week in work. But, there are those who say that there are areas you should focus on during your first day in work.

If you do not know where to start, here below are some tips to help you make that great first impression in your new workplace:

Arrive early and dress accordingly

Sometimes, bosses go to work earlier than their employees. Since you are new in work, it would be advisable that you are there before your co-workers. Of course, don’t leave early during your first week because it will not be a good impression to your co-workers.

You should also dress accordingly and try not to overdress for your first week. This shows that you are confident and ready to take on the challenge of your new workplace. As your first week passes, you will be able to adjust your clothing style to match your coworkers.

Personal tip: I did overdress when I went on my first job in my last company. I was so used to corporate wear so I turned up in suits whereas everyone else is in their tee and jeans. So do your research first and don’t turn up as a clown!

Introduce Yourself and Get to Know Everyone

Some companies offer brief tours for their new workers on their first day in the job. These orientation tours will also give the chance for workers to get to know each other.

Take the first step and introduce yourself. This will show your coworkers that you are not afraid to take the first step.

Personal Tip: Wear a big smile and be polite. Greet everyone you meet even the janitor!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

During your first week, it is important that you show that you are eager to learn and contribute.

One way in doing this is by asking questions about the company and the tasks given to you. Write your questions down and show your interest.

You can also attend seminars offered by the company to learn more about the company and ask questions there.

Personal Tip: Try asking question within your peer group and even offering to help out. You may be new so probably do not have any task assigned to you yet but that shouldn’t stop you from offering assistance.

Take the initiative

Since it is your first week, you will be given a few tasks to start with to help you adjust.

Start slowly when you get these tasks and find the right method to get them sorted. Once you finish these tasks and you feel that you are ready to take on harder tasks, take the first step and ask for more tasks.

Personal Tip: If you are unsure, don’t bluff your way through. You are new to the job and your boss expect you to be wobbly on your feet. Lying through your teeth and refuse to seek help will only backfire.

Smile and relax

Did I mention smile earlier on in the article?

If you want to make a first impression, smiling can go a long way. It will help you relax and show to your colleagues that you are easy to approach.

Trying too hard to make a first impression can be very bad because your colleagues may think you are desperate to get a promotion and may question your sincerity or fear of you wanting to take over their jobs.

Personal Tip: If you are offering to run errands, buy coffee and even shine their shoes, you are trying way too hard to please.

Find a mentor

When you are starting off with your new job, you will definitely need someone to look up to as you try to get accustomed to the position.

Get to know your team’s senior members and ask them questions if something is confusing you. They can also help you out if you have ideas you like to propose.

Personal Tip: Put down your pride and be earnest to learn are the best advice I carried around in my career. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you will collect (let alone gossips) if you open your mouth to ask.

In Other Words…

Being the newbie in the company can be exciting but also challenging, especially as you try to make a good impression. However, do not worry about making a good impression in your first week. A few days seeing you in work is not enough to give people a good idea on what you are like.

During your first week, relax and get to know your new job and your coworkers. As you become familiar with everyone, it will become easy for you to make the impression you want to make at work. Good luck on your first day and do your best!

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50 replies on “How To Make A Great First Impression At Your New Workplace

  1. Kally this is a great post. In today’s workplace, there seems to be a need, and maybe manufactured, to make a splash upon landing a job. The use of confidence can be mistaken for “Blown up Concrete. Finding the Mentor is the key. Sometimes there may be a need for the air of seclusion to allow new-found team members to guess and find you. I have found that asking everyone a question in order to allow them to not feel intimidated by your presence. Success early is a great way to allow the team to allow you in.
    It is better to be known as qualified as opposed to an eager-beaver. I love your position.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Another GREAT Post Kally, and an important topic, well covered.

    I suggest that a “newbee” accept whatever task (refuse nothing) with a smile, a great attitude and do what ever task you are assigned to perfection. When you’ve completed it go back to whomever assigned it and ask: would you care to check my work? And id their another task I can do for you? SMILE; SMILE; SMILE.

    God Bless,,

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, Judy. I wish I knew everything I wrote on my blog before I stepped into the workforce then I wouldn’t had such hard time adapting in the corporate world when I first started.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. My company just let two people go because they didn’t show any interest.

    They had an attitude that came across as if we needed them.

    Humility is the key.

    These are excellent tips I will share with others.


    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great advice, Kally. I heard an Army officer say once, that when you have an alternate opinion, use the word And which is inclusive rather than But which implies I disagree with you and my opinion is better. Made-up example. Person A “The solution to the problem is obvious, we should ask the complainer why he is unhappy.” Person B “But we should also offer a solution when we find out why he is complaining.” Rather Person B should say “And we should also offer a solution when we find out why he is complaining.” It acknowledged Person A’s contribution and does not discredit or diminish it.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Excellent tips for making a great first impression while also not seeming like you’re trying too hard! I like how your writing style is always easy to understand. And very logical. Great, Kally!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. So agree when you said the bigger the company, the harder it is to make an impression. With bigger companies it’s hard to get to know everyone and not everyone might work in the same building. There might also be a higher staff turnover in bigger companies in certain departments too. Haha, I think being overdressed is always better than being underdressed for your job, even if it’s your first day at work 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I still remember at my last job, I was
      overdressed. I was in a white long sleeve shirt and a pencil skirt and I stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Coworkers that I have never met before came up to me to wish me good luck in my new role. Haha!

      Liked by 2 people

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