Meeting Hacks that will make you look Great!

Hands up if your attention have been drifting off during a long meeting. Some of us even at one point or another, nod off to dreamland especially if the presenter speaks in a monotonous voice that just lull you to lala land. Don’t we all wish that we can have siestas in the afternoon? We have all been there.

Let me share some pointers on how you can survive a meeting and coming out looking as if you have been paying attention.


1. Always avoid eating one hour before a meeting. A full stomach means you will be sleepy and unable to focus as much.

2. Don’t go hungry either. Your rumbling stomach could be heard by the person sitting next to you and it will be embarrassing.


3. If you have a meeting at the start of your day, make sure you are in the office at least half an hour before the meeting starts to give your body and mind a chance to tune to work mode.

4. If you find yourself drifting off during meeting, try to focus your eyes on anywhere else except the PowerPoint presentation. Sometimes, our eyes can be dry and tired due to the strain. Look away but keep your ears perk up for details.


5. It is always a great idea to bring a pen and notebook. Not to doodle but if you have a tendency to nod off, you should try to note down everything the speaker is saying so your attention is focus on the job.

6. If you are caught off-handed by a question, instead of agreeing or disagreeing (which might out you in a disadvantage since you have not been paying attention). Ask politely for time to think about the question in depth. The speaker likely to turn to someone else in the meeting room and you can use his answer to judge what the question was and replied when it comes to your turn.

7. If you are aware you are nodding off in the meeting, excuse yourself to the restroom for a quick refresher. This is way better than being caught snoring (or drooling?!) in a meeting.


8. Placing yourself in an uncomfortable position in the meeting room helps to keep you on your toes. Like sitting near the speaker, or even sitting next to your boss, or under an aircon blowing directly at you on a rainy day. If you just ate lunch and sitting right in the warmth near the window, your thoughts will be drifting even before the presentation begin.

9. Grab a buddy and watch out for each other during meeting. If you nodded off, you can be sure he will kick your ankle hard enough to jerk you awake.

These are some of the hacks I have used. Do you have any secret ones to share?


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  1. Love the #6, and the rest of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Thank you!!! Glad you love it!


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