Remote working is now becoming a common occurrence for many businesses and companies. It improves the productivity rate of its people and offers a good work-life balance for employees.

However, there are some setbacks to remote working that needs to be overcome and one of them is the team relationship between those in the office and those working remotely.

If you want to solve this issue and make your remote one on ones a success, here are some tips you can try out:

Prepare in advance

If you want your one on one sessions a success with your remote workers, you definitely need to prepare first. Know what your goals are, what the team needs to complete the task and what other important issues need to be tackled.

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Agree on a set schedule

If you have a variety of remote workers in your employ, it is important that you agree on a suitable time to talk without disruptions. Make sure to time it in their free time where they don’t have to look after their children or do other chores.

Always have video

Even if your team isn’t with you in the office, you can always build a rapport with them through video calls. Video calls help you and your team humanize each other and not just think you are talking to a person who doesn’t care about your feelings. Using video calls also removes miscommunications because you can see the face of those you are talking to and sort out the misunderstandings immediately.

Know what the meeting is about

Meetings can vary when it comes to the subject matter and purpose you have for these meetings. However, when you do have these meetings, always have your goals in mind and follow your objectives throughout the meeting.

If the meeting will be about feedback, for example, you must be able to provide positive and negative feedback in such a way no one will misunderstand it. You can also use the time to get feedback from your workers.

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Be active in the discussions as much as possible

In a remote team, there are a lot of things that can be left unsaid if you are unable to talk to one another regularly. If you are the team leader, it is important that you always have a door for your workers to reach out to you so they can discuss issues they can’t say in your group chats and so on.

You must also make it an effort to build a relationship with them by being active in the discussions, even if its not work-related.

Always do a summary after each one on one

A successful one on one must make sure that everyone is in agreement with what has been discussed and there are no misinterpretations that can affect your progress. Always make some time to discuss the outcome of the meeting and see if everyone understood the discussion.

Have some face time throughout the year

If it is feasible, have your team mates gather physically at the office at least once a year. This will allow your team to feel inclusive and create time and space for crucial bonding which can elevate employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Remote working is not for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that people who can’t manage it give up on it. With the tips I listed above, you can definitely improve everyone’s working experience and make it a success.

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      1. Funny the two of you discussing cats.

        In our most recent video team meeting, a colleague was making a point when her cat suddenly walked across the keyboard and in front of the screen. You know cats – they can be so light on their paws when the want to be. Point is, the coworker didn’t even hear the cat approaching.

        Seems cats get pretty jealous when you pay attention to something besides them!

        Oh, in the broader sense, informative article, Kally. Well-researched and presented, as usual.

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