Golden Tips to Make Your Remote One on One a Success

Remote working is now becoming a common occurrence for many businesses and companies. It improves the productivity rate of its people and offers a good work-life balance for employees. However, there are some setbacks to remote working that needs to be overcome and one of them is the team relationship between those in the office…

Totally Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas for 2019

For every company, it is important to ensure that employees are always motivated. Without motivation, the company would lose its prized talents. There is also the fact that employee turnovers can be very expensive, especially if you cannot replace the vacant spot at once. To keep employees happy, several employee engagement strategies created and applied…

A Word Of Advice: How To Get Him To Like Me

Hello Kally, You have known to dish out good bits of advice. I wonder if you can help me out in my situation. I’m not very good with people and probably lack people skills. I am a fresh grad who landed myself a job straight after my graduation. You can say I am very lucky….

How to Plan an Amazing Office Christmas Party?

The holidays are here and you suddenly found yourself in charge of planning the special holiday event. For people who haven’t planned their own event before, being assigned this task can be daunting. However, don’t worry! It is quite easy to plan a Christmas party or any office event if you know where to start….

Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation In Your Workplace

Today, as my little one started to walk up a gentle slope for the first time on her own (without holding my hands), she gleefully clapped her hands together with me when she reached the top on her own, something dawned on me.