The Difference Between Upskilling vs Reskilling and How to Upskill Yourself without Spending Too Much Time and Effort?

Upskilling and reskilling are two critical concepts in the current job market that are often used interchangeably but have distinct differences. Understanding these differences is crucial for individuals, organisations, and governments as they seek to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge required for the future of work. Upskilling refers to acquiring new skills and…

10 Meeting Hacks to Increase Your Productivity

Meetings are essential to every business because, during these sessions, the team can resolve issues, plan new projects and make critical decisions. Doing these meetings incorrectly can be very taxing, and it will be challenging to get anything done. Fortunately, there are ways to make meetings more productive for everyone and ensure you get results….

How to Apologise for Missing a Meeting

There are times that we have to miss important meetings because of emergencies beyond our control. While it is perfectly understandable to miss these meetings due to these circumstances, it can be pretty embarrassing to know that you could not make your engagement. So, how can you apologise for missing your meetings? Here are some…

Tired of Zoom Meetings Try These Solutions Instead

Since the pandemic started almost two years ago, most of us found ourselves having to go to countless Zoom meetings to keep up with our work while at home. However, it can be very draining to do it every day because of the lack of direct interaction between coworkers and internet constraints that makes Zoom…

10 Ways to Stand Out in Any Job You Do

As employees, we tend to focus only on our job requirements. Some believe that it’s ok to stick within their job requirement because it will keep them out of trouble and help them keep their job. Others do their best to excel in their job responsibilities. Only a few would go beyond their job scope…

What to Wear for a Zoom Interview

With the pandemic preventing face-to-face interviews, most video interviews are now being done for job seekers and employers to meet and conduct the interviews. Since the interviews will be done online, there is a perception that you only need to wear a decent top to these interviews since the interviewer won’t see your entire body….

What Kind of Problem Solver Are You?

New employees often feel under pressure to continuously provide new ideas to help innovate products and deliver new services that will help the business’s growth. However, it is not easy to generate new ideas and develop them on one’s own. A team effort is needed to brainstorm for new proposals and get these ideas working….