There are days when I can’t work anymore and there are days where I’m so tired my eyes can’t open. There are days when I fell asleep in front of my open laptop. And there are “one of those days” if you know what I mean.

It’s the little things that I treasure so much in life and one of those little things that mean huge in my world are the comments and emails that my readers sent to me. Whether it is a simple ‘I love this article’ or a ‘I find your tips very helpful to what I am going through right now’ or a ‘How are you coping with your little one’, touched the very core of my heart and gave me an instant boost to uplift whatever mood I am in.

As a writer, I know how much a single word, a single phase can make or break someone’s mood and can create new emotions, tug heartstrings, stroke egos. I am well aware of the effect it can have on anyone particularly me.

Therefore, as writers, we have a duty to our readers, whether we are writing on our blogs or writing commercially to produce a piece of art worth reading and not fill the already overwhelming internet with fluff and fake news just to hit a particular SEO target or to create a viral article.


Too many a times, I come across interesting titles that capture my eyes but when I’m through with the article, it did not provoke any emotions or allow me to gain any insight into the subject matter and it just makes me feel disappointment and perhaps waste of time reading crap on the internet. I’m sure there plenty of great articles out there as much or even more than those floating fillers fluff that some websites that specialized in viral articles put out to be.

Given anytime of the day, I rather read a piece of poor spelling and grammatical incorrect story than a perfectly written but meaningless rubbish on the sole purpose to gain popularity for the website to gain more eyeballs and in turn, earn more money from affiliate advertising.

I don’t know about you but I can spend the entire day browsing through Facebook and find not one single article create meaning in my the hours I have input. So much so, I simply ignore social media for a few days except to check on those content liked or featured by my followers.

I see myself more than just a mere writer but a creator of words to capture hearts (not eyeballs) and as much as possible to bring the reader knowledge, laughter (okay, maybe a smirk or a smile), creating a bond during those engaging minutes while reading one of my stories. The moments where my words on behalf of me connect with the mind and heart of the reader. This connection is precious. And your comments and emails affirm the confidence that I am doing or writing something right.


Friends, writing comrades even clients have many times asked why I don’t use viral content or play with SEO to bring MiddleMe to a higher ground. While their intentions are good, wishing MiddleMe to spread the goodness to more people (free resume template here!). I’ll reply that the goodness will not be good anymore if I write without letting my words flow freely. I will have to insert long-tailed keywords while rewording them into sentences to make sense and deleting words and break up sentences to reach positive readability scores. That is not the purpose of MiddleMe.

The purpose of MiddleMe is to share tips, give bits of advice and spread knowledge surrounding career, entrepreneurship and freelancing. Not to scale the Google Search rankings and bring shock value to gain followers.

Do you agree with me? Do you do the same with your blog? Share with us in the comments below. And love your comments in advance!!

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41 replies on “Your Words Means So Much To Me

  1. I totally agree with you here, Kally. Better not say any thing, or even write if you prefer that, at all if you can’t say it in the right way. I follow this approach dearly and it has saved me from disasters, both at workplace and at home.

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  2. Kally. Kally. My Kally, have you been sensing my vibes when I am hunched over the keyboard and the sound of the mouse on the floor startles me! lol

    Your post? Exactly my sentiments. We connect! Fixing to post our exchange about ‘retribution’. Is hilarious to me. I hope it’ll be the same to you when you read it! Hope this note to cheer you up! I love you so much! Give a hug and a kiss to the little princess. 🙂

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    1. Your comments will always cheer me up, Thia! The little princess has become a little crawler now, crawling everywhere in the house and with me chasing behind her. Haha!


          1. I can just picture your relief! Let me warn you, sometimes? Not even that works! lol My Diana broke out of her confinement before she was 6 mo. I had placed her in a ‘playpen’–50 years ago those were popular. Anyhow, I was taking a break in the next room. Suddenly! There she is by my side! “How did you get here?” I picked her up to go to investigate. She broke the bars of her jail! Talking about funny? She is now in her fifties. still, no jail can hold her down –any set back in her life? She pushes forward to success some other way! That’s my Diana!

            Oh what fond memories. Wish the best memories for your little princess. Enjoy her antics. It’s all worth it! 🙂


  3. I think you are one of the most down to earth writers I’ve ever known and that is amazing. we lose sense of why we started writing in the first place when we write to reach a certain number of audience. I would love to know, how you got your blog to be this successful. I must admit I’m busy trying to get as many people to follow my blog and trying to find ways I could earn through blogging because I think it is better to make money from what you love doing. 😉

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    1. Thank you for your comment!! It’s easy to lose sight of why you write in the first place. Most of us write to fulfill a certain emptiness in our hearts in the beginning and begin to lose touch when we experience a little success and wanting to please more and more readers. I do write for money but I kept it separately from my blog. I have to keep reminding myself the core reasons I started MiddleMe is to help people enjoy their work life and to benefit people through my experiences. There are millions of blog out there trying to make money, if you want to be successful, you need to crave a niche for yourself and stand out from other similar blogs. If you need more advice, reach out to me at, I’m always happy to help. 😊😘

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      1. Kally? It’s me, thia. What a great advice! You know what? Father leads me all the way. But I still put my two cents in. Making money with the blog and my writing skills has been a conflicting issue for me, but! It is no longer an issue because, the message prevails over making money.

        The money is needed. Still, that’s my Father’s business to provide it for me. How did I come to that conclusion? My Father revealed it to me through His leading in my posting. The two issues are separate now, but! I did not separate them. It happened.

        It’s all a matter of timing and His will for our individual destinies. Beyond explanation. His plan to restore us to the original intent for our creation–to love and be loved is now in effect. Thus your wisdom and mine! What a marvel to behold! 🙂


  4. Hey Kally.
    How’s life????
    I totally agree… though you are writing professionally and growing…
    I am happy in my own speed and spread. I see people coming to my abode and hitting likes nonstop within seconds…making me wonder at their reading speed!!!
    I like to read, interact at my own comfort and interest…I am in no race…I just love to tell stories, read some, and it gives me huge satisfaction when someone reads and relates.
    Comments are the real trophy.😊😊

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  5. Hi
    Just dropped by with 30+ years of writing in all directions and not getting all that far, but recently starting to find the right vibe, path and whatever.
    You certainly have the drive, the sparkle and the intelligence to nurture that talent.
    All I can add from a techno-101 old guy is ….
    Keep on keeping on! 😉

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    1. I keep on driving myself to better myself every single day. It is so easy to remain contented but so hard to challenge yourself as a writer. Thank you so much for your comment and love your advice. Ps. You’re young in your heart! 😊

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  6. Yes, I absolutely agree with you! I was doubting weather to follow a SEO course or not and I decided not too. Just for all the reasons you mentioned! Rather have less followers, but more meaningful connection 🙂

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    1. I’ll say you don’t have to go for a SEO course. I have all the tools to help you in SEO if you want them. But it’s a headache to get it right. If you want the tools (they are free), I’m happy to drop you an email for you to explore them yourself. Just let me know. 😊

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      1. Very kind of you dear Kally. I have lot’s of articles from my SEO-plugin and here and there I implemented the ones, I thought useful. The ‘Keyword’ thing…I skip often, because, well, I don’t want to adjust my writing style around those 😉


  7. I agree with you completely. I started a blog for myself, to share my thoughts in an environment where I felt it was safe to do so. Also with the hope of making a few true online friends along the way. Since my blog is personal, it was never meant to be profited from. I love reading blogs that move me emotionally. I don’t like looking at ads. This was a very good, personable post Kally 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Melissa. It’s important to remember why in the first place we started to write publicly. It’s fine if your main goal is to profit from it. It is perfectly okay to have a vent blog or a personal thought blog. But don’t stray from where you started out. For MiddleMe, I started out with a goal to share career advice with others who are stuck in their job and I’m proud to say I haven’t stray from that goal after 2 years of doing so.

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      1. Good for you! I don’t plan on straying either. If I ever decided to try and earn an income online, it would be from a new site. I think it’s important that we keep the integrity of our original blog.


  8. Any input from anyone is kindness depending on which side we see it. Kally, what I get from your blog is merely good, full of useful advice and information for others who need it. That’s all I can say about you, my friend


  9. Definitely agree Kally! I have to be true to my thoughts. It’s not about numbers. I have to let go of who finds my words. It’s only my job to deliver them. The encouragement that flows through blogging is so touching that I’m happy to be some part of it no matter how small. 😊

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  10. I most definitely, agree with you on that! It’s not about popularity, its about creating change and touching someone’s heart! God bless you and continue to keep up the excellent work! Xx 😇

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