As a brand new start to a brand new year, MiddleMe is paying kindness forward by dishing out a free resume template for those who are in need. And yes, it’s free. It is in Word Doc for easy amendments on your own.


Please drop me an email at, and I will consolidate all requests to email the template by batches (bcc of course). As much as I love to attach it here for random download, I don’t have much space left on WordPress storage on my website.

GivenΒ it is Valentine’s Day, if you like to share some love like I did here, it will be really nice if you can reblog this post on your website or tweet or share it on Facebook to share an important message that is close to my heart.

Year after year, many animal shelters and rescue homes across the globe are facing a common problem – overpopulation of abandoned dogs and cats. Some organisations are forced with the decision to euthanise the older or disabled animals (those that are deemed unadoptable) while some homes are desperately seeking for foster homes willing to take in as many abandoned animals as possible. If you are like me, a softie-at-heart for these animals. Please Adopt, Don’t Buy. Don’t support the puppy/kitten mills.


We tell everyone not judge people by their looks, please do the same for our abandoned animals as well. A stray can be as loyal, friendly and warm-hearted as a pedigree. It is their character that makes us love them not their breed or their looks. They deserve a second chance, they deserve a warm, loving home and they will return more than a hundred times of love that you have given them. Please Adopt, Don’t Buy. Don’t support the puppy/kitten mills.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 8.54.42 PM.png

Remember when you adopt an animal from a shelter or a home, you are not only giving a second chance to the one you are bringing home, you are freeing up space for another abandoned/ injured animal to be saved and be safe until the next successful adoption. It just takes an adoption to save the lives of two. Please Adopt, Don’t Buy. Don’t support the puppy / kitten mills.


I am not afraid to admit that I cry for hours whenever I come across news or FB posts on an abused cat or an abandoned dog. It just breaks my heart. So please show some love this Valentine’s Day and share this post on your blog and send this message out to as many friends as possible.Β 

Thank you so much.

With Love & Happy Valentine’s Day,

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43 replies on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway: A Free Resume Template

  1. This post was timely. My dad is a huge animal lover. His birthday is coming up and in recent years, I’ve been making donations to rescue organizations for his present. At Christmas, I donated to a humane society in Tennessee that was housing animals displaced by the wildfires. Is there a rescue organization you can recommend that I can donate to for my dad’s birthday?

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    1. Hi!! It is so sweet that you’ll like to donate to homeless animal shelters. I would recommend donating to an animal shelter near your home. All animal shelters whether they are funded by the government or not, are always in need of the extra cash. I have another idea as well, you could suggest to your dad to spend a day with you at the local animal shelter, volunteering your services and bonding with the animals and your dad as well. These abused homeless cats and dogs always in need of a human touch, a hug to show them they are in a safe place. If you have no idea where is your local animal shelter, you can google for ASPCA or SPCA.

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  2. Dear all, if you have dropped me your email address in the comments or email me at, I have sent out the free resume template.

    Please do check your spam folder if you did not see it in your inbox. Alternatively, you can let me know and I’ll email you again.

    Have a fantastic weekend! Cheers!


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