The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely caused many workers to question if it is still safe to work on their current careers. Since the virus is still under research and a vaccine is nowhere to be found, many are now asking themselves if they should quit their jobs and just find another job that won’t put them in front of the virus.

This pandemic has hit everyone hard. Even for us. We were deliberating to relocate back to Singapore after 7 years overseas. Grandparents are missing their only grandchild was a huge motivating factor. To do that, it means my husband will have to resign from his post and we moved back. The pandemic puts an end to our deliberation. There is no way we will quit our job in the mid of craziness.

Every situation is different. Every family is different. If you are on the fence on whether you should quit now, here are some of the factors that will come into play:

Unemployment Will Persist

Every industry is affected by the virus and there is no uncertainty whether things will be back to normal soon even after the virus is neutralised through a vaccine or medicine. With that said, it is uncertain whether you will be able to find job openings that will be able to hold on throughout the pandemic and even after it.

Even if there are job openings available, it is possible you won’t be able to find a job immediately because the openings will be flooded with applications. Your application will definitely need to be eye-catching to even be considered for the position.

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Losing Career Experience

For many employers, they will look into your career history to see if you will be able to keep up with the changing working environment. With the pandemic still ongoing, they will definitely see if you will be able to adapt and have the right skills necessary to keep up with the new working environment.

If you quit now, it is possible that you won’t be able to learn more about the innovations in your chosen career. Even if you are good with some aspects of the job, failure to be familiar with the new innovations will be a blackmark in your chances in getting a new job.

Abandoning Your Career

If you are in an industry that is vital to the current fight against the pandemic, it is possible that people will look down on you for quitting. You will have to consider what people will think about your decision to quit if they want you for their job opening.

Of course, There Are Exceptions

If you are abused at the workplace or you really cannot stand yourself working one more day in that company, for the sake of your health (mental, emotional, physical), you should really tender your resignation letter.

There is no job worth doing at the cost of your health. Even in the worst recession.

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What Should I Do If I Really Want to Quit?

Companies or businesses will definitely be ok if you tell them that you are quitting because of your concern for your family’s health and well-being. But, before you quit, you should check if you have enough means to handle your expenses and needs while you are without a stable job.

You should also consider work from home jobs as a temporary means to get funds while you wait. You should also look into the offers you will get because some of them may look good for now, but may not be able to weather another pandemic in the future.

It is uncertain to say whether life will be back to normal once the pandemic is over. If you are considering your career options, it is best to research and see what opportunities will be up ahead in the future. If the risk is something you can take and you have plans ready to help you in your new career.

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60 replies on “Should You Quit Your Job During The Pandemic?

  1. I started my final placement where I am surrounded by COVID everyday. I am not being paid for this as I am a student. My final placement is in the hospital – the same building as emerg. Chances are I passed by a symptomatic person already.

    It’s impossible to guarantee safety in these weird times. We cannot hide from the pandemic forever. What we can do is take precautions to protect ourselves and inform others on how they can protect themselves. At the end of the day, we need to do our part so society can function.

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  2. I’m afraid the future is unfortunatelly black, in Spain a los of companies close and the unemployed is araising so here we cannot think in resign. Now there is not a safety place we have to start to learn leave together with the pandemic. Have a nice weekend:)

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  3. I won’t quit my job, but I definitely will retire a year early. The company I work for furloughed me because there was no work for me at the job site. I have one of those jobs that are customer based. They called me every day with questions they couldn’t answer from customers and to solve problems they couldn’t fix. Then called me back to be exposed to the virus by waiting on about five hundred customers while they stayed at home. I think I will retire and change my phone number.

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    1. Ah.. perhaps wait around until what goes on next year? You can start planning your retirement, start plotting ways to pursue your dreams and passion. Perhaps think about the places you want to go when this pandemic is over.

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  4. I quit my side job back in May. I worked in a grocery store as a dairy clerk and just couldn’t take it anymore. The mask wearing (with allergies, mind you), the constant changing rules from management, and the complaints from customers pushed me over the edge. It was nice to have the extra income, but I couldn’t face going to a job that made me want to cry on my way to work every day. I kept telling myself, just a little bit longer and it will go back to normal, but that day never came, and still hasn’t come. I miss the extra income, but it really was killing me.

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    1. Big hug, Lisa. It must have been terrible for you. I wouldn’t stay in a job that makes me cry. No job is worth your tears seriously. I’m glad you are out of it and I hope that you will find something much better.


  5. Awesome; timely, and as always terrific advice.

    Thank you my friend Kally.

    What to do
    Be objective
    Try to line up alternative employment before hand
    Be Prudent

    Your safely and the safety of your family is a precious gift; do not be reckless with it

    God Be with you,

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  6. Good points. First of all, it is good to know that you and your husband have not been hit by the pandemic layoffs. And well done on figuring out what is the best way to handle this time as a family. I am sure it was not that easy.

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          1. You can imagine, the little one bugging me to open the letterbox, waiting eagerly for the mailman to arrive and tearing open the envelope with glee.


  7. Thoughtful post as always!
    I’m fearful that the current situation is just a precursor to the dislocation about to be unleashed on the world by artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic engineering. Perhaps an individual’s idea of a “career” , mapped out in advance, may seem quaint in the years to come?
    Wishing you and yours all the best!

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