Signs Someone Makes A Month before they quit

It is the time of the year where a lot of companies are dishing out their year-end bonuses and announcing promotions and increments to their loyal employees. On the flip side, it might be a period where someone in your company is considering their options in the company and may want to seek greener pasture elsewhere.

The period between December and February are the popular months for many of us to jump ship and have a fresh new start to a new year, in a new company with a new job. Whether you are a supervisor managing a team or pairing with someone on a big project, it is always good to keep an eye open in case, your fellow colleagues resign. Here are some of the signs someone makes a month before they quit.


Hesitation to commit to long term projects
Long term projects are a sure fire way to ensure that one is prompted into the spotlight especially if the project turns out to be a tremendous success. It is also a great method to justify your next increment or promotion in your appraisal, not to mention the valuable add-ons to your current portfolio and network. So unless someone is under saddled with plenty of major projects or if you happen to know that he or she is going through life changing personal events like pregnancy or taking up a new degree, it will be raising eyebrows if a major project is turned down. 

Less concern pleasing anyone
If someone used to be a suck up to boss’s ass, you can be pretty sure he is thinking of leaving once he doesn’t appear to jump at every command. He will not see the need to secure his future if there is no future in the current company and it will definitely show in his actions and body language.


More likely than not, if someone is leaving, his mind will be somewhere far and away instead of focusing on doing his best in his current role. Slipslop mistakes will appear in his performance and there seems to be a slight dip in his attendance as well. He might be struggling internally on finalising his decision on throwing the letter or his thoughts might be the comparisons between offers. 

No interest in training
Training is great opportunities for every employee to learn something new and to challenge themselves. I love training and I will push my staff to any training that I think will benefit them at work or personally. It is always a great way to improve oneself and refocus your directions in the company and your role. However, if someone displays a disinterest in not one but most of the courses, (especially if the training is held within working hours) it throws some suspicion out there. 


Fewer contributions in meetings
If you are vested in your team’s future, you tend to want to contribute ideas and suggestions to boost the team’s growth regardless it is sales target, productivity rate or even streamlining process to allow team members to work more effectively. No contribution during meetings can either meant that you are distracted or you are no longer as invested in as you were last month.

Do you see those signs of those who have indicated to you that they are leaving at the end of the year or early next year? Please do share if you have even clearer indications than above. We love to hear from you below!

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