Every employee dreads hearing the words “Fired, effective immediately.” It is a piece of news no one wants to hear because it will cut you off from your monthly income and create a stigma that may affect your chances to get another job.

Employers cannot just fire employees because they hate them. There must be a valid reason before employees can be dismissed, and some of them are effective immediately.

Here are the four things you should avoid doing while in work and not be fired:


#1 Confidentiality Breach

Sharing any confidential information about your work, your clients and the company is strictly prohibited. Even if you are just a newbie or working in a small team, revealing any information to outsiders can put the business at risk. It may also give rival companies an edge with your company and cause them to lose a lot.

Whether it is the launch of a new product or gossip surrounding the step down of your CEO, it is confidential and the company will not like you to share with anyone outside of work.

Some companies may even request you to sign a confidentiality agreement usually known as NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if your position in the company requires you to handle sensitive issues most of the time.


#2 Posting in Social Media

Although social media can be used to help your career and open new opportunities, it can also cost you your job. Nowadays, it is very common to hear about employees who are fired from their jobs because they criticized their bosses or company on social media. Some are fired because they shared their opinion on controversial issues.

If you cannot stop yourself from using social media, make sure to avoid posting anything related to your job. Even a fairly innocent comment about your competitors’ services or product is a big no-no. Not even complaining about a bad day at work where your boss yells at you.

Because the next thing you know is that you’ll be posting an apology and telling others how you have been terminated.


#3 Falsifying Information on Your Resume

When you are applying to a job, you should always be truthful about your qualifications. Some job applications often lie about their credentials so they can get the job they want.

If the employers see your deceit, they will definitely fire you immediately. It is also a sign of grave misconduct, which companies cannot allow in their roster.

If you had been accepted with false credentials, you should not rejoice for fooling the company. Companies regularly review their staff and if they discover your deceit, they can still fire you no matter how much you worked for them.

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#4 Gross Misconduct

Every employee must adhere to the company’s rules and regulations whenever they are on shift. If they act unruly and unprofessional, it is often considered gross misconduct on the part of the employee. It is also an immediate ground for dismissal.

Some notable examples of gross misconduct include theft, sexual harassment and criminal behaviour. Misrepresenting the company in any way is also another example of gross misconduct.

If an employee does this, the company may be held liable for false pretence. Falsification of any company document will also fall under this category, and it may become a legal headache for the company.


So, always be mindful of your actions both in work and outside work because if you don’t, the consequences may be catastrophic!

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