9 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media for Your Job Search

With the advent of the internet comes more ways for employers and hiring managers to check what kind of applicants are applying for the positions they are trying to fill. Aside from the applicant’s resume, employers also look into the applicant’s social media to see the applicant’s personality. It is not uncommon to hear stories…

5 Common Mistakes Seen in Ecommerce Copywriting

A lot of people think that e-commerce copywriting is a very easy task. One simply has to write several words for an online business to entice potential customers to check out the offered products and services. However, e-commerce copywriting is not only about writing quality articles, but also making the brands to be recognised in…

4 Things That Can Get You Fired Immediately

Every employee dreads hearing the words “Fired, effective immediately.” It is a piece of news no one wants to hear because it will cut you off from your monthly income and create a stigma that may affect your chances to get another job. Employers cannot just fire employees because they hate them. There must be…

Heartless Business Owner: You’ll Cry If You Read This

What’s left behind is disheartening, disbelief and disappointment. I’m talking about the latest Singapore saga that has everyone talking about it. Singapore is a tiny country so any major news will rock our little world. In the past, I have highlighted a few stories about Singapore especially if it is closely related to work ethics….

The Best Way to Job Search When You Are Employed

Welcome to the New Year. A new year means a new job? Are you currently thinking about getting a new job? If that is a yes, it may be tricky to pull off a job hunt if you are still employed because your current employer may be tipped off that you are going to resign….

9 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile to Get That Job You Want

When it comes to building networks within your chosen industry, LinkedIn is the social media that you should use. The site is used by professionals and companies alike, sharing information and updates about the industry they are in and building their network of connections.

How Social Media Can Destroy Your Business

With everything now going digital, businesses are now turning to online tools that would help them reach out to their consumers better than the traditional methods. Social media is one of these online tools, permitting businesses to reach a large volume of their intended market, but also promote their products with ease.