Contrary to popular belief, there are jobs out there that are open to seniors over 50 who are not yet keen on retiring. Nowadays, many companies and businesses are looking for workers who can work flexible work schedules regardless of their age. Older workers are easy to work with for these companies, and they are professional throughout the job.

Down below is a shortlist of jobs open to older workers that you can consider:

1. Consultant

Are you a specialist in your chosen history and have accomplishments to prove it? Why not consider being a consultant and share your expertise? Companies often look for consultants for specific issues in the industry or to help with transitions.

2. Teacher

If you have a passion for teaching and specialise in subjects that can help with professional development, being a teacher can be your career. Community colleges and seniors’ centres are often on the lookout for temporary teachers who can teach special classes like cooking, photography, art and other self-enriching classes. If you specialise in these types of subjects, it may be the career for you.

3. Courier

Being a courier can also be a career older workers can go for, especially now that online shopping is popular. You need to be on the move all the time to meet the delivery deadline, know your way around the area you selected as your delivery route and deliver the items safely to the customer.

4. Customer Service Representative

Are you someone who loves to talk on the phone? Do you like helping out people and helping them solve their problems? You can sign up as a customer service representative. In this job, you have to be familiar with basic computer skills and basic troubleshooting for the products the company is offering to customers.

5. Retail Salesperson

Being a retail salesperson is one of the most popular jobs older workers can sign up for because it has a flexible schedule, allows contact with others and offers high healthcare benefits, primarily if you work for a large brand. Salespersons are also entitled to store discounts, which work perfectly for one’s needs and interests.

6. Companion to People in Need

You can also sign up as a companion for people in need as a way to fulfil your sense of purpose despite your age. The job often entails caring for a person – usually a family member – with a disability or an elderly looking for someone to talk to.

7. Event Usher

If you are someone who loves live performances and events and want to get involved in them, you can work as an event usher for a theatre, cinema or events centre. When you are on duty, it is up to you to help event-goers with their tickets and direct them toward the right seating areas. If you are lucky, you can get a free performance out of it and share the experience on your company’s website.

8. On-demand Driver

Like to drive and know your way around? Sign up as an on-demand driver for companies like Lyft and Uber and make a career out of it. These jobs are very flexible in terms of their schedule and route, and even if you have no job history as a driver, you can still apply for it if you have a clean driving record.

9. Real Estate Agent

As an older worker, you can work well as an effective real estate agent. Since you have experience buying and selling houses, you can share these experiences with your clients who are buying their new homes and help them get the house that fits their needs.

10. Tour Guide

Some organisations and tourist destinations want tour guides familiar with the destination and what it offers. Older workers will have an advantage over younger applicants because they are familiar with the place for longer. They can help people new to the area to get the best deals and see new spots not included in popular tourist destinations. They will be able to share personal stories and experiences regarding the location.

Oldies are the Goldies

While there is a belief that senior citizens should no longer work and enjoy retirement, you shouldn’t let it stop you from working if you still want to work. There are jobs available for you to try and help you discover your passions. Even if you are already well into your years, you can still make a difference.

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27 replies on “10 Jobs That Hire Older Workers

      1. I believe you! I was referrring to qualifying for senior’s benefits at that age. At 50, people don’t qualify. However, if you work in a field such as marketing, you can be considered a dinosaur. So many people in their late 40s decide to be self employed instead of unemployed or they downplay how many years of experience they have.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I see 50 as still being young. Work is good at any age. It keeps you sharp and alert. You’re never to old, or to young to do something that’s fulfilling in your life. Have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sounds ok but the reality of my experience is anything done is expected to be voluntary … goes with the belief that seniors can live on fresh air alone! The actual economics are seldom considered 🙂

    how are you?
    super busy posting I see!

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  3. A job is to pay to live and save as much as one can.When retiring have enough to relax and sod the working world .If I can do it so can all of you.Then not have to bow to find a job after retiring. Build garden .Find hobby relax .Even better if you find someone to love.Not found that but can please myself all day every day retired

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I will want to work until I cannot work anymore. I definitely won’t want to work for money or a living but to fulfil my passion or for a greater cause. If I can do that while earning income for myself, why not? 😊


      1. Why not as if its your choice that is no 0thers business to say no. All I said was about how I see it. Four stages to a life if it runs to a natural end. Childhood ,work and marriage. Children and care. Four is the pathway to truth and finding God .India they know this far better than us in West. Sunniassi monks in yellow robes and begging bowls leave it all behind and in a another part of the country set up anyplace to pray and clear the mind.They are always accepted by the people as that of a holy man.They offer food and water to him for prayers . I never understood it until now .Building gardens is hard work but it is my offering to God in my way his servant . I found that all things seem to come in this advent . Even messengers into my mind clear a phone call from a woman who wants to befriend me. Spooky yes but just have to know more as know it is possible to do now. In this message I found her in reality two days later .She said to send to you was easy and smiled an all knowing smile. Then held my hand and I saw something unbelievable and ran. How could a stranger in another county from my birth in England know people i loved ?


  4. Great tips and I can see why these particular careers are best suited for retirees. They have more time on their hands, kids are raised and you can give your all without tons of interruptions

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