How to Deal with a Bad Boss

For many employees, one thing they fear the most and is the source of immense stress are their bosses. Normally, bosses should be supportive and make you feel you are important in the company. But, some bosses make you feel unwanted and would push you to the limit.

Despite this fact, it is difficult for us to get away from bad bosses because of its impact on our career and life. Some even hope something will change in the future and your boss will not stay bad for long.


If you do not know how to cope up with a bad boss, here are some tips we think can help you stay sane and serve as motivation:

Know if you are really dealing with a bad boss

Before you try finding common ground with your boss or sort out your career options, identify whether you are dealing with a bad one.

Are they bad for a reason or you built a wrong perception about them? Are you being targetted or your boss is just mean to everyone?

Look at your boss and see the things they do. See if they are doing a lot of bad things than good things and if they are aware of their attitude towards their workers.

Do note that not everyone is aware of their actions. Give the benefit of the doubt when possible.

Speak to your family, peers and other support groups

You are not the only one who is facing the ire of your bad boss. Speak to your peers and encourage one another.

You should also take some time to speak to your family and friends about your work situation. A coach or therapist can also help you reduce the stress brought by your boss.

Ultimately, if you think your boss is targetting you alone or being mean and spiteful regardless of how you act, it is time to speak to your HR.


Anticipate what they need

If your boss tends to micromanage, anticipate what they will ask and get it finished before they ask you.

For example, if you are asked to look into the schedule, consider making a schedule draft and submit it. This will show your boss that you are on track and allow you some leeway in work.

Micromanager means that your boss doesn’t trust you. In the long run, you may want to establish some trust in between you two.

Consider other departments

It is possible that you can move to other positions or departments in the company to escape your boss. Speak to your colleagues and managers if your skills can help you transition away from your bad boss.

Be wary not to speak ill of your boss. If it is abuse, then incidents should be carefully recorded and bring up to HR’s attention.

Unwind and de-stress

If you feel like your work is stressing you out, take a short break from work or find some hobbies that can take your mind off work for a while. You should also start relaxation activities like yoga and even watch motivation films.

While you can’t control your boss’s behaviour, you can at least control yourself and your response to them.


Ask HR advice

If you find your boss overbearing and tried everything in the book to ignore them, seek the help of your company’s HR. Even if your boss will resent you for reporting them to HR, the HR can give you advice on how to proceed.

It is possible you are not the only one who approached them about your tricky boss and may know other ways to help.

Know when its time to go

If you tried everything to alleviate the pressure caused by your bad boss and feel as if the stress is too much, its time to leave. If you remained in a poor working environment caused by your boss, your career and health will take a hit.

If you find yourself under a bad boss, do not immediately be disheartened. There may be a reason why your boss is acting that way. But, if your attempts to ease the stress fails, your career needs to take top priority.

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  1. gadgetrush says:

    Unwind and De-stress. Agree, this is very important if you have a bad boss.

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    1. Kally says:

      And always remember to breath. Lol!

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  2. Excellent advice.


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